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Distribution for Homework Room Children

On 13-14 May, 2020

On the 13th and 14th of May, the team of Homework Room (supported by Saint Nicholas foundation), distributed 100 packages of hygienic and food basic materials to the families of children. In Addition to an educational toy that the children can solve-play with to spend some useful time while being in home quarantine. 

The team took all the needed precautions (gloves and masks) while visiting the families in their homes to deliver the packages, the children were very excited to see their teachers again after a long time and expressed how much they miss spending time in the center with their friends. 

As we still struggle daily just like the rest of the world because of the COVID-19 situation, the high livelihood expenses have put heavy burdens on the families to provide the needs of their children despite all the difficulties (high prices, accessibility, risk of going out).

The packages included the most necessary items, it is not much but it comes in a time of big need and limited actions. 

Saeed Yeghya, an 8-years-old student shared with his Homework Room family about his daily routine at home: “during my time at home, I help my mom with home chores and I even started learning a new language, I became more cautious about washing my hand more frequently.”

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