Social activities

The Big Gather

Salesians of Don Bosco

On 11 May 2018

About this project

The project is implemented by the Salesian Fathers and the Catechists in Aleppo, it aims to create a gathering for the children participating in the Sunday school for all the centers who belong to this association in Aleppo. The gathering topic is about how to live the Christian life all the way to holiness, based on the life of saint Dominic Savio.

How the donation was used

The donation was used to cover the costs of lunch and the gift: Dominic Savio’s life booklet.

The impact on the community

For the first time since the war started we had a combined gathering for the elementary and high school children, which became like a festival to exchange knowledge between children and tutors and strengthens the bonds between them.


The estimated number of children is 750(ages range between 9 and 15 years) and 125 tutors.

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