Social activities

Basketball tournament


From 29th of Jul to 12th of August 2018

About this project

It is a project that gathers the churches of Aleppo in one place. Saint Georges church, we choose this church because it?s the main centre of the JOC, and we wanted to gather all the Christian youth together for one goal, to work and play together and gain a certain price of money that can help the JOC to plant a growth of happiness in the poor kids of Aleppo at Christmas.



How the donation was used

we used the donation to purchase several materials sweatshirts for the JOC - Canon camera - painting the ground - and rings - two speakers - food materials for the kitchens - prints for the marketing of the tournament.



The impact on the community

We were able to stimulate the hearts and minds of the Christian youth to seek for winning the tournament. It is a very important sport between children and youth. And with the profit from this project we are going to help the poor kids of Aleppo at the Christmas. The project provided the children and youth a social place to meet and to watch the game together.




The players were youth aged between (18 to 30). and There were about 300 spectators each day ,children, youth and families range between (8 to 40)



Success stories

George hanna dolmye (18 years): It was a very organized tournament and the idea of the big clubs players such as AL JALAA CULB, AL OURUBA CLUB, HOTIN CLUB, and it is a big challenge for us to win and make the St. Yousef sorority proud.

Aboud mounir khayat (24 years): It was a very successful tournament it left the JEC with passion and excitement to win, we have already reached the finals for 3 times hoping this time we will win. All the JEC from children to leaders came to watch us play and support us. We will lift the trophy up high.

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