Bani-Taghleb School

Bani-Taghleb School

The school was established in 1930. Originally in Al-Jdayda area under the name of Saint Afram school then it moved to Slemanye in 1957 and it was named Bani-Taghleb after the name of the Syriac-Arabic Christian tribe.

During the war the damage to school was significant after during one of the holidays, a missile fell on the third floor (the kindergarten Section) and it got ruined completely, but despite everything the school didn’t close its doors for even a day.

However, what can’t be compensated is the loss of two students as martyrs on other incidents, the thing that affected their fellow students. The school had to hire a psychological therapist to help children them overcome the difficult period they went through.

Despite the destruction occurred on the 3rd floor, the educational process was held in the lower floors with all the determination to survive.

By the end of 2016, Aleppo became much safer with the withdrawal of the armed groups and the reconstruction process started. The first step for the school was the rebuilding and rehabilitating which was very expensive.

Every day is a challenge, but the school insists on resisting all the circumstances and difficulties, and continue in their mission in the educational field and the most important in teaching the Syriac language, a heritage to cherish and proudly pass to the young generations.