Al-Woroud School

The school was originally an orphanage established in 1932, starting 1958 it officially became an elementary and a kindergarten school to host more than 450 students per year.

During the war the school became dangerous due to its location and the lack of electricity and bad heating conditions forced the students to be transferred to Al-Enaya school which was by then in a safer region. The students were attending school in the afternoon shift because of the huge numbers crowded there. However, the change in location was necessary, since the dangerous location of Al- Woroud costed them many losses in the school building as well as causing many injuries and even the death of a 2nd grader from the school.

After seven years of war the originally Catholic school lost the majority of its Christian students for many reasons, Christian immigration being one of them, and today most of the school’s student are Muslims (93%). However, despite the drastic change in the religious background of the students, the school’s mission to offer love and education and build a community more respectful and acceptive of others has never changed.