Al-Sharek School

The school was established in 1930s has been dedicated to educate many generations from its early days. Since its location in Al-Sulaymaniyah was safer that other areas, during the war it opened its doors to embrace the students of four destroyed fellow Armenian schools; Dar Alsalam /1920s/ Dijlah /1920s/ Al Amjad (Nersesian) 1-2/1890s/.

The school welcomes students from kindergarten to sixth grade with a total of 400 students, knowing that this number was five times bigger before the war.

Although its location was relatively safe but still the school had been exposed to bombshells and missiles. On one particular occasion when a mortar shell fell on the school’s roof, just moments after the break time, the administration decided to train the children on going to the shelter under the school in case of emergency.

Of course, this dreadful war had its impact on the students’ psychological state, some of them were orphaned or displaced others developed tendency for violence or have issues concentrating.

 All these challenges did not prevent the school from continuing to care for its children on the educational, psychological and social levels.


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