Al-Ghassaniye School

The school is a gathering of five educational facilities three of them in Al-Hameediye area (the old city ) one in bab Al-Sebaa and one in relatively safer area called Al-Mahatta. Four of the buildings contain kindergarten and elementary phases and one is a secondary school. The school was established in the ancient Al-Hameediye area in Homs in 1887. During the war, Al-Hameediye (with majority of Christian habitants) was sieged. The school was closed between 2012-2015 except for their building in Al-Mahatta, which was the only building functioning during the war. Last year they rehabilitated one of the buildings and the rest is still an ongoing process, since damage is grave and a lot is needed to be done in order for the school to go back to normal. So I thought it would be perfect if we can offer help in educational domain since the school lacks a lot and is actually financially overwhelmed by the rehabilitation costs.