Al-Enaya School

The school that was established in 1975 is one of the most known schools in Aleppo. It used to open its doors to receive more than 1050 students a year, but this number has dropped to 405 after the war.

During the war, many school activities were suspended due to safety reasons. The school itself has been through some  unfortunate incidents like gun shootings or shrapnel residues that were found in the morning, the school administration believes that it is not a coincidence that those incidents had occurred at night when the building was empty, but it was God’s Hands that protected the school and the students from any harm and injury.

In addition to being an educational institution, the school is known for being a big family that implements values of respect, love, equality and acceptance in the students’ hearts and minds through the mottos and themes chosen every school-year to work on a different aspect of children’s personality.


St. Barbara feast with Al-Enaya School

3 December 2019

The Christmas season is finally here and the celebrations in our city have already started with Saint Barbara feast on December the 4th, a celebration that Syrian children look forward to every year.

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