Amusement Park
in partnership With: Terre Sainte College, Franciscan Fathers
Terre Sainte College, Franciscan Fathers

10 Jul 2018 and will continue

About this projectProviding a safe playing zone for the children of Aleppo far from the noise, stress and pollution of the city center. The children of Aleppo are in grave need for entertainment and psychological support after what they underwent in the seven years of destructive war, moreover, our monastery is the only place left for Christians and their children to play and spend some relaxing time in peace.How the donation was usedWe were able to provide a shady area for the children, metallic frames were fixed in the ground then they were covered with bricks. Metal bars and plates were used to build the sledges, swings, see-saws and slides inside the shady area, and this area has been separated from the surrounding space by a low wall.The impact on the communityThis little amusement park means a lot for the children and their families, they now come and rush to their park and do not want to leave it, the families started coming to the TSC more often, especially that they can trust the people who run the place and they do not have to pay any money for using this amusement park. Moreover, this project provided job opportunities, though temporary, for more than twenty-six workers. The amount You participated with was used productively to construct the park, though it was not enough to buy everything needed for the amusement park; thanks to You and other benefactors we will rebuild our city again and attract our fellow-citizens to return to their homeland.ParticipantsAbout 500 children on Sundays and during the other days of the week about 200-300 children. ages range between 3 and 14 years).Success storiesThe children of Aleppo have always craved for a safe place to play in; even before the amusement park was totally finalized and painted we could not prevent the children from playing in it. This amusement park provided a safe haven for not only the normal children but also for the children with special needs. Thus, it has become a source of joy and fun for all children with different needs and ages

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