Al-kalima Playground

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Syriac-Orthodox Archdiocese

Opening day: 23 December

About this project

The project is a playground in the Ashrafye area, the place is affiliated to the Syriac-Orthodox Archdiocese, it adjoins Al-Kalima school (kindergarten to high school) which is ruined and robbed from the inside.

How the donation was used

The donation was used mainly to rehabilitate this place and for the grass purchase and umbrella installation.

The impact on the community

Of course, this project has a very important and positive impact on the people of this area and this church and for all Aleppo’s residents in general, who will benefit mostly from this place, Especially the children and youths who loves to play this sport but were not able to do so due to the war and the damage that happened to this area. Now, they have once again the chance to play and have an enjoyable time and do something that is good for them.

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