Al Kalima School Reconstruction

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Opening day: 16 September 2019

After the relative calmness of Aleppo city in 2017 the project of rehabilitating Al-Kalima school was initiated, by the Syrian Orthodox Archdiocese in Aleppo, and this huge project launched with the help of many donors one them being Caritas Poland. 

The school that once offered quality education for its student from every level from kindergarten to high school baccalaureate degree, was destructed severely and its facilities were damaged significantly during the years of war.

On Sep. the 16th, the school had opened its doors once again after 8 years of being Abandoned and destroyed to welcome the students with a renovated structure, after all the construction work is completed.

The contribution of caritas Poland made it possible for the school administration to proceed the works of painting and tiling, installing wood and aluminum doors and windows, installing air conditioning and heating systems and eventually transferring the debris from the construction location.

Today Al-kalima school with its building and facilities, is ready to proceed its mission in educating the young generation and expanding their knowledge and preparing them for a successful future.

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