St. Vartan garden and Playgrounds

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Opening day: 8 March 2019

The Saint Vartan monastery, that was established by the Jesuit 100 years ago to shelter the displaced Armenians who escaped the genocide in Turkey. 

It wasn’t strange for the monastery to play this important role once again when the Syrian war started in 2012, since the monastery’s mission was offering refuge to the displaced from its early foundation. 

However, when the struggle reached Aleppo St. Vartan monastery became on the fire line between the Syrian army forces and the armed opposition, caught in the middle of armed conflict it was severely damaged. And the people unfortunately lost their sanctuary, and the children were deprived of the place where they used to enjoy their childhood freely   

This rehabilitation that was implemented thanks to St. Nicholas Foundation funding and with the cooperation of the JRS, the remnants were removed and transferred, and two play courts were established one for basketball the other for football. Now hundreds of kids will enjoy sport activities in their new playground.

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