Micro-Projects is a livelihood-support program which helps family providers who had either lost their livelihood during the war, or aspire to be a productive and financially independent part of the community by starting their own income generating business. By financing their micro-projects, Christian Hope Center is helping Christian families to have a sustainable source of income, through the provision of equipment, machinery and tools. This will eventually mitigate the economic harm caused by increasing poverty and insecurity, preserve their dignity, and alleviate the calamities of war and the economic crisis, which will ultimately preserve the existence of an active Christian community in Syria. In addition to the Micro-Projects supported in Cities of Aleppo, Homs and Damascus, the program also supports families who rely on agriculture as their principal source of income in rural Homs.







Dental Lab

Art can take many forms, you can find it in paintings, sculptures, movies and even in songs, whereas Sarkis found art in dental prostheses making.

Sarkis Bertizian is a dental prosthesis fabricator who lives in the city of Aleppo. His love for art and dentistry was united in his profession. During the war years, Sarkis’s father died after battling with cancer. The loss of his father was very hard on him, he found himself responsible of his family and although he...

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Nursing Kit

Rizk-Allah Rawik is an ambitious 24-year-old, since he was a little boy, he always dreamt of treating the ill and helping those in need. Thus, when he grew up, he decided to become a nurse, he studied for two years in a healthcare institution, and currently, he works night shifts in a hospital, but still; working for 3 days a week isn’t enough to make him a decent income. 

After the economy of the country collapsed, providing a decent life for...

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Barbershop Equipment

Antranig is a kind and talented barber who has a small salon in the city of Aleppo, he started his career in 2003, and his good reputation in the neighborhood played a huge role in the launch of his career. The war didn’t stop Antranig from doing his job but at the same time working in a dangerous city had many tragic consequences, someone like Antranig could leave his house in the morning without knowing if he would ever be...

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Winding Engines and Motors

George Armenag is a 48-year-old man living with his sister in their parents' house. He used to work in his own shop in Aleppo fixing engines and selling electrical supplies.

When the war started George’s shop was destroyed and robbed, therefore he had to sell his shop at a very low value. With this small amount of money, George and his sister managed to maintain a decent living and keep the household running.

With no income, George knew he had to do...

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Potato Cutting Machine

Enad Dahdal is a 36 years, from Aleppo, he finished his military service in 2018 after serving for 8 years. During this time Enad was located in a dangerous area very close to fire lines, one night while he was up protecting the civilians an attack occurred where Enad got injured in his knee. He underwent 3 operations to recover the injury, and luckily with many physiotherapy sessions, he was able to walk again.

Going through such hard times, Enad faced...

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Homemade Sweets

Nihad Ghazal is a 65-year-old with a passion for baking and making pastry since her childhood; she used to make all different types of pastries and give them to her friends at school to try.

As she grew older her love for pastry grew bigger, she used to help her mother with cooking and doing kitchen chores, that’s how she learned her mother’s baking recipes, her secrets and tricks for a perfect bake.

The Ghazal sisters suffered from the war, but unlike...

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Beauty Center

Alina is a young woman who lives with her parents; her father works as a car mechanic in a rental shop. Alina’s family traveled to Armenia from 2015 to 2017. Her brother stayed there. After her return, she completed her studies and obtained a baccalaureate degree. In 2021, she took courses related to the field of cosmetics. it all started as a hobby then she started working in a beauty center where she practiced and gained experience.

Aina wants to be the boss of her own project, but she was hesitant to open a salon because of her financial situation and the coordination between her job at the beauty center and her own business.

Thanks to Hope Center Alina became hopeful again, it helped her gain independence for owning a business and now she is ready to thrive.

Recording Studio Equipment

During the war in Syria, Antoine and his family faced many life-threatening moments;“One day, me and my family was coming back home, after parking our car, we heard a loud explosion so we immediately ran to safety, after checking that everyone was okay, we were shocked that a shell had hit our car and it was entirely destroyed.” Surviving such a traumatizing event left the family in a terrible state, they also had to evacuate their house and move to...

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Dental Clinic

Carla Ishak is an ambitious dentist who recently graduated from Aleppo university, being a dentist was her long-lasting dream. When she was a little girl, she used to go to her father’s clinic to watch him at his job while pretending to be his assistant.

Going through the war in Syria was harsh for Carla and her family, as they had to evacuate their home due to several bombings. The prolonged fights and the damage it caused forced the family to...

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Charcoal Workshop

After a devastating ten years of war and an awful earthquake, Fares Jesri found himself and his pregnant wife lost in a chaotic situation full of challenges. 

Fares used to earn his living working as a waiter in a café in Aleppo when out of nowhere the devastating earthquake that caused massive destruction and disrupted the livelihoods of many has cost Fares his source of income.

His strong will to provide for his family that was about to grow with the baby...

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Tailoring Workshop

In 1989, out of many professions “young Bedros” decided to follow his passion for making suits and designing men's clothing.

Life was peaceful and prosperous for Bedros and his family, his business was growing and he was making a good name for himself, especially when he moved from Idleb to Aleppo to work with larger tailoring workshops that were located in the city. 

When the war started Bedros lost everything in his hometown; his house, his small shop and all that he...

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Sweets and Pastries

In the early days of the war, Dolly's family was among the first to leave Aleppo. Faced with loss, fear, and danger, they made the bold decision to move to Beirut. Living there for six years was not easy for a family of four. Both Dolly and her husband worked tirelessly to provide for their family. Dolly had the opportunity to work in a bakery in Beirut, where she gained valuable experience. However, when the crisis started, the family had...

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Carpentry Workshop

Elie, a carpenter from Fairouza village, embarked on a challenging journey since his displacement from Homs city in 2012 due to the war. The challenges didn't stop there. Elie and his son experienced the trauma of kidnapping, a calamity that lasted a day but felt like years. 

Elie persisted in his craft since 1982, equipped with the necessary tools and machinery. However, the recurring issue of poor electricity posed a significant hindrance to his work.

The turning point in Elie's life came...

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Dental Laboratory

Antoine, a dentistry graduate from the Middle Institute of Dentistry of Aleppo in 1994, had seen his life take a difficult turn due to the war in Syria. With a loving wife and a 16-year-old son, he faced the challenge of providing for his small family in a rented house.

Before the war, he had his own dental laboratory in Bab Al-Sebaa neighborhood of Homs. However, the conflict ravaged his laboratory, leaving him without the essential equipment needed for his profession....

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Sewing Workshop

Jacqueline, a retired employee and a seamstress, embarked on a mission to support her children alongside her husband and parents-in-law. With only one outfashioned sewing machine in her workshop, she faced limitations in working with various fabrics. 

Recognizing the need to expand, she applied to the Micro Projects Program for assistance. Her husband is also a retired employee, but their combined pensions barely sustained the household, pushing her to seek additional income. The program approved her request, providing a new sewing machine and the needed battery. 

Now equipped with the tools, Jacqueline's small sewing workshop flourished, ensuring a brighter future for her two children and securing the well-being of her family. 

Hair Salon

Issa, a single man, faced the harsh realities of war, enduring nine years of mandatory military service that began in 2010. The war, starting in 2011, claimed not only his time but also his father's life. 

Despite the setbacks, his love for hairstyling, since 2005, remained unwavering. Post-discharge in 2019, financial constraints forced him to work for others. However, with his passion and support from the Micro Projects Program, his dream became a reality. 

The program enabled him to establish his own hair salon, overcoming the adversities and losses he experienced. Now, Issa is turning his passion into a successful micro-project and rebuilding his life after the tough years of the cruel war. 

Sweets and Mini-market

Displaced by war, Elias faced adversity when a leg injury and dust allergy halted his career as a floor tiler in 2022. Determined to provide for his family, he opened a humble sweets shop in Fairouza village, using his electric bike for restocking. However, the absence of a refrigerator and solar power system hindered his business. 

Elias sought assistance from the Micro Projects Program, taking the first step towards realizing his dream. With the support, he acquired the essential equipment, ensuring the handmade sweets stayed fresh and his shop thrived. Elias, the devoted husband and father, overcame the challenges, turning a setback into a sweet success for his family.

Olive, Almond, and Grape Land

Mouddar, a farmer from Qattinah village, faced a great hardship when his land was burned during the war in 2013, affecting his precious olive trees. Undeterred, he worked relentlessly, gradually recovering from the loss. 

Living with his wife Faten and two children, Mouddar, determined to secure a stable future, sought a water tank to store water. Since his land is positioned near his cousins' land, he relies on their water well for irrigation. The tank, will ensure that he can efficiently nurture his olive, almond, and grape crops, helping Mouddar to rebuild his life and cultivate prosperity for his lovely family.

Wheat and Vegetables Land

Suleiman is a farmer from Qattinah village, married with three children who are all university students. 

He balances his roles as a farmer and a hairstylist; as the demand for his salon services decreased, Suleiman turned to his agricultural project, relying on wheat and vegetables to sustain his household. Battling heart problems, he persisted in his efforts to provide for his loved ones.

His irrigated land faced challenges, with rising plowing costs and plant diseases adding to his burdens. Learning about the...

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Mini Pick-up Truck

Fadi, a dedicated husband and father of two boys, had faced financial struggles for years. After completing his 8-year mandatory military service in 2018, he worked tirelessly, between two jobs to make ends meet. His roles as a factory worker in the solar power industry and a government employee barely provided enough to cover their basic needs, even with his wife's teaching salary.

Determined to improve their situation, he had a brilliant idea; he realized that having a mini pick-up truck...

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After graduating from the tourism institute in 2012, Iyad had to put his dreams on hold to fulfill his military mandatory service, enduring nine tough years until 2021. Discharged and pushed into the harsh realities of life, he faced the challenges of providing for his family.

With a wife to support and his mother relying on him since his father's passing, he found himself working tirelessly in a sweets shop, laboring 12-hour shifts just to make ends meet. But hope emerged...

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Mini Pick-up Truck

Bassel will never forget that day when the armed groups attacked his family in their home village of Al-Qaryaten. While he was at the military service, his family was kidnapped and held captive. This traumatic experience left scars on their hearts and forced them to leave their village behind. 

In 2014, Bassel's military service ended due to a severe injury, leaving him unable to work in any field. With no prior experience, he faced a challenging path ahead. 

One day, fate smiled...

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Floor Tiling Equipment

Adib's life has been a series of challenges and responsibilities, he lives with his mother and sister-in-law while his younger brother serves his mandatory military service. As the oldest son, he carries the weight of his family's livelihood on his shoulders. Their financial struggles became even more daunting when his father, who had been battling heart and kidney problems for years, passed away.

Adib has been working as a floor tiler since 2010, but his life took a difficult turn when...

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Electronics Maintenance Equipment

Following the loss of his parents, Yahya and his brother lived in a rented apartment in Al-Hamidia. During his 5-year military service, Yahya honed his skills as a salesman in electronic marketing. In 2018, he established his Electronics Maintenance shop. Despite his proficiency in design and manufacturing power banks, financial constraints hindered his ambition of making power banks for laptops and mobile phones.

A turning point came when he discovered the Micro Projects Program through a poster. Eager to realize his...

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Tareiz El-Shamas is a resilient woman who faced life's challenges with a strong heart and unwavering determination. Through the ups and downs of her marriage, which culminated in divorce in 2007, Tareiz embarked on a new journey, taking full responsibility for her two children, Tala and Issa. Despite the setbacks, she didn't hesitate to turn her passion and talent for cooking into a source of income.

Tareiz quickly garnered admirers with her delicious cooking, leading to her being hired as a...

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Hani Al-Btros is a humourous and optimistic man, originally from Egypt but moved to Syria in 1998 and since then he worked, got married, and established a beautiful family.

Hani has always been skilled in sales and worked for several companies in that field, both as a sales representative and in marketing but during the crisis, work became less profitable and he started to suffer financial hardships so he decided to travel to Dubai seeking better job opportunities.

However, after spending few...

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Beauty Center

Jakleen's path took an unexpected turn when the crisis struck and she found herself living with her sister's family. In a cramped rental home, where space was scarce and comfort was a luxury, Jakleen's determination burned brighter than ever.

With her sister Josephine, a diabetic battling her own health struggles, and another sister Deema by their side, Jakleen embarked on a journey through the world of beauty working at a beauty salon trying her best to secure her living during the...

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Since he was a child, Naser Al-mhanna suffered from his big size and he had to face many obstacles in his life as a result, but he didn’t hesitate at any time to work hard and take responsibility for himself and his family; he started to work as a truck driver delivering fruits and vegetables between his village to the city of Damascus. During work time, he was exempted from military service because of his big size but he didn’t...

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Beverages Shop

Determined to stay in the country, Wissam Al-Salameh decided to overcome all life obstacles and build his life in Syria.

He is 36, married, and has a lovely son called George. Before the war started, Wissam worked as a Barista in several restaurants in Bab Toma until 2011 when the security situation deteriorated and his work started to worsen so he decided to travel to Lebanon in order to have better job opportunities. He found a job as a gardener and...

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Pick-up Truck

Antoun Haddad is a salesperson in his thirties who lives with his parents in an old Arabic house in Bab Touma. His father works at a Goldsmith workshop and his mother is a housewife, recovering at home after a long suffering from cancer.

He started working as a salesperson in 2018 at Nestlé company but since then, he has been seeking to have his own business so he opened a snack restaurant in Jaramana which only lasted for six months due...

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Having a life transformation from stability and security to a life full of dangers and fear is what Marwan and his family have been through during the past years.

For more than 12 years, Marwan has worked at Kabbour company as a private driver, having a good income and enjoying a comfortable lifestyle.

However, all of that changed after the outbreak of the war in Syria as the company he was working for was closed, while his house in Kashoul was exposed...

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Michel Al-Tarsheh was a happy man, living with his family in a beautiful house in Adraa, Damascus suburbs, having a sustainable income, and enjoying a peaceful lifestyle until 2011, when everything turned upside down.

His first loss began when the armed groups attacked the area they were living in forcing them to flee under heavy shooting without being able to take any of their belongings. After that day Michel’s life changed completely as he rented a small flat in Jaramana for...

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Otolaryngology Clinic

Amjad Doumat's journey is one of determination and purpose, marked by his relentless pursuit of excellence in the medical field. Born in 1992, he embarked on a path that would lead him to become a specialist in otolaryngology.

The newlywed is yet to experience the joys of parenthood, residing in a rented home in Dwalaa. His professional journey began as a resident physician at the Red Crescent Hospital in 2019, following two years of service at a medical center in Jaramana...

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Salem Al-Zawahra, 31, is living with his parents and brother in an old house in Kashkoul, he started his life as a hairdresser and stayed in the career until 2013 when he was called for military service, during which he was exposed to several injuries that caused him a back disc and infection leaving him with 30% disability and he was discharged from the service in 2020 as a result of his health condition.

Unfortunately, he was discharged during the coronavirus...

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Mobilephone Maintenance

Fadi is one of the skilled, determined men who works for his living and does not accept to lean on others' support. He is 36, single, and lives with his mother and brothers in a rented flat in Kashkoul. Fadi started his life as a plumber and didn’t mind doing any maintenance work to support his family but in 2012, he was called for military service where he spent the next nine years of his life.

He was discharged from the...

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Auto-Mechanics Workshop

Abdo was still in school when the war started, which affected his educational progress leading him to leave school and work at his uncle's goldsmith workshop until 2015, then when the work decreased, he moved between several jobs trying to handle his expenses and support his parents, but in 2017 he was called for military service so he decided to travel to Lebanon to continue working there because his family was depending on his support to survive.

In Lebanon, Abdo worked...

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