Micro-Projects is a livelihood-support program which helps family providers who had either lost their livelihood during the war, or aspire to be a productive and financially independent part of the community by starting their own income generating business. By financing their micro-projects, Christian Hope Center is helping Christian families to have a sustainable source of income, through the provision of equipment, machinery and tools. This will eventually mitigate the economic harm caused by increasing poverty and insecurity, preserve their dignity, and alleviate the calamities of war and the economic crisis, which will ultimately preserve the existence of an active Christian community in Syria. In addition to the Micro-Projects supported in Cities of Aleppo, Homs and Damascus, the program also supports families who rely on agriculture as their principal source of income in rural Homs.








George was visited at his sister's house, where he lives with his family of four. They have been living with his sister's family for three years, sharing living expenses and rent.

George is married with two sons. He is originally from the Al-Jadida area in Idlib countryside, where he was settled with his family and owned a blacksmith shop equipped with full tools. However, the war forced them to leave their town in 2013 due to the unstable conditions and lack...

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Areej, a pharmacist, is married with two children. She has worked tirelessly and diligently to achieve her goals in life.

Pharmacists encounter many people daily, requiring them to have patience which is a key quality that Areej possesses that helped her navigate the challenges of dealing with doctors and patients alike.

Areej is from Homs, she graduated from Al-Baath University with a degree in Pharmacy. After graduation, she worked as a representative for a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant. However, due to the war,...

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Car Maintenance

George is married with two children, he works as an auto mechanic. He learned the trade from a young age and currently works in his brother's shop due to his inability to afford rental costs for his own place. During the war, he moved to Lebanon and continued working in auto repair. He had a set of tools in Aleppo, but most of them were stolen due to the lack of security in the area where he was working.

George suffered...

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Yervant served his country for over 9 years, across most Syrian cities. However, in 2016, he sustained a shoulder injury that resulted in a 15% disability, leading to his reassignment to the back lines as a driver.

Yervant is married and has an newborn son. After giving birth, his wife was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, rendering her unable to care for their child. Consequently, her mother lives with them to help with the baby.

During his military service, Yervant was responsible for...

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For fifteen years, Makardij has been serving at the Franciscan Sisters' Monastery with a modest salary. He lives with his son in a house borrowed from a relative.

Makardij once owned a Suzuki that he worked with, but during the war, he sold it in hopes of financing his travel abroad. Unfortunately, due to family circumstances, he lost the money, and his plan to travel fell through.

Despite the challenges, he remained resilient, driven by his desire to provide a better future...

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"Thank God for everything", this is how Mr. Karabet began his conversation during the visit. Karabet is married and has a son and a daughter.

Currently, he works as a driver for a mobile-phone company, but with a low salary. He transports employees and goods between centers.

His daughter suffers from cerebral palsy due to a medical error during childbirth. He bought a car in partnership to work with, but he didn't keep it for more than three months because his daughter...

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Motor Winding

Samir is married and has two sons. He works in motor rewinding and repairs all industrial tools. His father used to have an aluminum manufacturing plant, but due to the war, the plant was completely looted and destroyed. These successive events took a toll on the family, and his father sadly passed away.

After losing the plant at the beginning of the war, Samir decided to take his family and move to start a new life. He chose to go to...

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Mini Pick-up Truck

"You are my brothers, and your visit today is a blessing from the Lord"

This is how Alaa welcomed us during our visit. He is the breadwinner for a family of four children and his wife. His daughters are in school, one son is serving in the army, and the other son left school to help him at work. Alaa currently works as a guard at the Farhat Square area, a gathering place for three churches.

Alaa and his family, along with...

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Car Body Repair

George is married and has one child, he lives with his family in a rented house. 

He learned his profession from a young age and is a well-known craftsman in the area as he works with passion and says that his profession is a part of his life.

When the earthquake hit, his home was damaged and became uninhabitable, forcing him to rent a house to protect his family.

When misfortunes come, they come together; he was still coping with the loss of...

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Laser Machine

Naeem is a young man, married, and has a child. He was called to military service in 2017 and served for six years. During his military service, his expatriate brother supported him to meet all his financial needs throughout his service in Aleppo. 

With determination and effort, Naeem continued working in the goldsmithing field, but as an apprentice. He worked hard and tried to save a little money to pursue the dream he had been striving for since childhood.

Immediately after his...

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Veterinary Clinic

Ahmad, 42 years old, is a veterinarian who has been working in this profession since 2006. He is the father of two girls, and his wife is training to become a lawyer. Dr. Ahmad is also a volunteer with the Rifq Association for Animal Care.

Ahmad loves his profession very much and has worked diligently, developing significantly in his field. In 2017, he moved to a larger clinic where he performs all types of surgeries for animals. He has a big...

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Car Electrician

Rafi Kazanjian, 48 years old, is the head of a modest family of four. He began learning the auto electrical trade in 1990 and became a business owner in 2011.

Rafi worked hard to become independent and secure a good income for his family, but the war was not fair to him. The location of his shop turned into a semi-disaster area due to its closeness to the conflicts, making it difficult for customers to reach. This forced him to work...

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Cleaning Supplies Shop

Amira, a young woman from Qattinha village, found herself facing the harsh reality of her husband's seasonal fishing job barely sustaining their growing family. Determined to change their fate, she seized an opportunity; with a room in her home, she envisioned a small shop, a source of hope amidst financial difficulties.

She submitted her documents and a simple project proposal to the Micro Projects Program. The once-empty room now filled with shelves stocked with essentials, an example of dreams realized.

Today, Amira and Samer stand proudly in their small shop, which not only sustains them but offers a lifeline for their beloved ones.

Nail Care Kit

Antoinette, a dedicated teacher in Qattinha village, dreamed beyond her classroom. With her husband, Mario's support and a young son to raise, while living with her in laws, she ventured into the world of beauty. Starting with a nail care course, she decided to work on her skills while balancing family responsibilities.

Her home became her first salon, but ambition soared beyond its humble walls. She applied for aid from the Micro Projects Program, envisioning a fully-equipped space to serve her growing clientele. With gratitude, she received the support, transforming her dream into reality.

Now, armed with professional tools and equipment, from teaching by day to taking care of clients by evening, Antoinette's home salon flourishes. 

Beauty Tools

Evette, a devoted mother of two, stood by her husband Nabil, a diligent blacksmith, in the endeavor to support their small family. While Nabil toiled over the flames, Evette nurtured their livelihood by providing nail care services from home. 

For over two years, her hands garnered a loyal clientele. Driven by ambition, she ventured into tattoo artistry, attending a training course. However, amidst economic hardship, acquiring the necessary tools seemed impossible.

Hope came in the shape of the Micro Projects Program; now,...

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Electrical Installation Equipment

Amer, the head of a family of five, faced the horrors of war in his hometown village, Al-Qaryatayn. His life, once anchored in electrical installation work for over two decades, and an employee in the phosphate mines of Khneifis village, took a drastic turn in 2015. Kidnapped by armed groups for two days, he realized the safety of Khneifis and Al-Qaryatayn was lost. Fleeing with his wife and three sons, he left behind his home and work.

He found himself starting...

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Wheat, Vegetables, and Trees Land

Majed, a dedicated farmer from Qattinah village, faced the constant struggle of providing for his wife, son, sister, and disabled brother. His expansive land, planted with wheat, barley, potato, beans, walnut, and olive trees, was his family's lifeline. 

However, plowing the land proved to be a main and costly challenge. As the sole provider, he sought help from the Micro Projects Program, applying for a Mini-cultivator. Thankfully, his application was approved. 

Now, with the assistance of the Mini-cultivator, Majed can overcome the financial burden of plowing, ensuring a better income for his family. This support allows him to continue cultivating his land and nurturing a brighter future for his loved ones.

Vegetables Land

Imad and Jamileh, residents of Qattinah village, rely on Imad's dual role as a mechanic technician and farmer to support their family. With Jamileh battling heart problems and their two sons to care for, Imad shoulders the responsibility alone. 

Their land, cultivated with vegetables and wheat, benefits from a water well, pump, and pond. However, the high costs of plowing threatened their livelihood. His solution came in the form of a mini-cultivator, a small but vital equipment that significantly reduced expenses. Now, their farm thrives, ensuring a stable future for their family despite the challenges they face. 

Solar Energy Technician

Despite the hardships of displacement and financial strain, Danny and Waad persevered for their family's sake. With Danny's dedication to providing, he delved into various jobs to make ends meet. From his job as a government employee to installing satellite dishes, he never gave up. Yet, it wasn't enough.

Recognizing the potential in solar energy, he embarked on a journey to become a technician, drawing from his engineering background and attending specialized courses. But with limited resources, progress was slow. 

Determined to...

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Dairy Shop

Asma's family were forced to flee their home in Al-Raqqa city, and found safety in their home village, Qattinah, though they arrived with nothing but the scars of war.

As a mother of four, with two daughters married and two sons navigating their own paths, she faced the harsh reality of making ends meet with limited resources. Despite her role as a school teacher, the family's income fell short of their needs.

Drawing on her skills in dairy product preparation, she saw...

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Potato Land

Imad, a hardworking farmer from Qattinah village, faced numerous challenges after his small house was destroyed and agricultural equipment stolen during the war. Despite his modest salary, he dedicated himself to caring for the inherited land and supporting his disabled mother.

The land, where he planted potatoes, there was a water well with a 7.5 H.P water pump and a diesel motor. However, the skyrocketing diesel prices became a financial burden, amplifying his losses. Imad recognized the potential of utilizing electricity...

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Floor Grinding and Polishing

Issa has been working in floor grinding and polishing since he was young. He resides in Al-Sabeel with his wife and two daughters. 

Despite his extensive experience, the persistent challenge he faced was the unreliable electricity that hindered his business productivity. The high cost of an electric generator seemed unaffordable with his modest income, leaving him struggling to make ends meet. 

To secure a stable work environment and preserve his profession, Issa turned to the Micro Projects Program for assistance. Through the support, he acquired the needed electric generator, transforming his work conditions. Now, he can carry out his craft without disruption, ensuring a dignified living for his family. 

Olive Land

Firas, a resilient family man from Al-Dwair village, faced displacement with his wife and two children from 2013 to 2018 due to war. With the help of local organizations, they were able to repair their home and return. 

To secure a dignified life, Firas, an employee, and a maintenance technician, works also as a farmer on the family's wheat land with his brothers. Last year, high plowing costs hindered them from planting, jeopardizing the livelihood of Firas's family, his brothers' families,...

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Almond Land

Manhal and Najah, parents of four schoolers, faced hardships due to the aftermath of war. Despite coming from a family of almond farmers, Manhal didn’t have a land until 2022, when they bought a land using some savings and a bank loan, but the high costs deterred them from farming.

To secure a better future, he worked multiple jobs as a security guard and barber. Yet, with a limited population in their village, the income was insufficient. The barren land awaited...

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Barber Shop

Bassam Zaitoun 38, a man of humble beginnings, is married to Sulaf Taweel and has a 4-year-old cute girl called Tatiana who was the source of hope and happiness in their lives despite the challenges they faced.

Bassam was a skilled barber, a craft he had learned in his village where he established his own barbershop and worked tirelessly for 23 years. However, the crisis has weighed heavily on the overall situation especially in Bassam's village as many have moved to...

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Mini Van

Elias's journey was marked by hard work and perseverance as he started from an early age to provide for himself and support his family.  He is married to Wedian Janoura and they live in a modest home in Al-Dwalaa where they had their two sons; Loran born in 2010, and Sairj in 2013.

From his early days, Elias worked as a farmer in his hometown of Hamra village then moved between various jobs such as in an engineering office and later...

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Homemade Meals & Sweets

Cozet Al-Ashhab is 40 years old and married to Louay Alomar, a loving and supportive husband. Her love for confectionery started at an early age, a passion nurtured over the years as her journey began in 2005 when she found her peace and joy in her kitchen creations, and despite hurdles, her resolve remained unyielding.

However, life was not easy for Cozet and through the years of war she had to work and provide for herself and her family so she...

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Sewing Workshop

Margaret is still in her twenties, yet she carries burdens far beyond her years. She grew up in a modest family with poor financial conditions, which forced her to take on responsibilities at a young age; she started working as a saleswoman in a clothing store to cover her expenses and help her parents as much as she could. She later got married and moved to her husband's village, where she worked in a sewing workshop, hoping that her marriage...

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Nail care Kit

With great determination and faith, Odet Ibrahim 34, insisted on continuing her life and moving forward, challenging the failed marriage experience that ended in separation without allowing despair and sadness to creep into her heart. She became responsible for her daughter Joelle and wanted to provide her with the best means of life, so she returned to live in her parent's house trying to secure a safe environment for her daughter.

Odet began her professional life in 2008 when she and...

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Electricity Generator

Abeer, the affectionate wife, and devoted mother, always placed her family first, even before herself, and although her life was filled with challenges and hardships, she never lost hope.

She is 51, married, and was living with her husband in Aleppo where she commenced her professional life as an employee in a private company in 2000, but left her job ten years later to dedicate herself to raising her two sons Marcel and Daniel.

In 2012, her husband's silver workshop was hit...

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Homemade Meals

Samar Haddad, 49, is married with two sons, Amer born in 1995, balanced freelance work with studies at the Trade and Economic University,  and Wadei, born in 1999, juggled employment with his education at Damascus University's media faculty.

Samar started her working life in 2008, as a home-based cook until 2018 when she decided to go further in this career and gained a chef certification in both Eastern and Western cuisines determined to enhance her work.

However, as a result of their...

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Photography Equipment

With a passion for capturing sweet moments and telling stories through his lens, Majd Deeb 34, had always dreamed of turning his love for photography and videography into a full-fledged career. 

He is newly married to Rita Aleid, who is a dedicated doctor specializing in hematology and oncology, and supported Majd's ambitions wholeheartedly.

Majd's journey in the world of visual arts began after graduating from the College of Applied Arts as he started his professional career at Sama TV in 2014, working...

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Solar Power Installations

During the past decade, Attallah had a tumultuous journey marked by displacement, loss, and insecurity. He is 39, married, and has a five-year-old son called Hanna.

As a result of the war in Syria, his life was turned upside down especially since he was living in Al-Zababdani area which witnessed severe conflicts at the beginning of the crisis causing losses and displacement to many of its residents including Attallah whose house was destroyed completely and all his furniture and work equipment...

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Since his youth, Mouab's life was full of challenges and difficulties, but he never lost hope, and by continuing to work hard, he was able to overcome all obstacles and reach his goals. 

Mouab began his work during his university education as he took jobs in various fields, from working in a packaging factory to working as a guard trying his best to support himself and his family. In 2013 Mouab was kidnapped for 10 days, tortured and beaten, and had...

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Yaser Al-Jaber, 49, is a caring father and husband who lives along with his wife and kids on the ground floor at his parents' house in Al-Dwallaa, while his elderly parents and his two sisters Suhaila and Rihab reside upstairs.

Yaser had worked for years in elevators' installation, dealing with heavy loads and demanding effort. However, an accident in 2011 changed everything as he fell from the fourth floor and was left with multiple fractures, shattered bones in his left arm,...

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Pick-up Car

Wael Qarra, 33, faced significant challenges since his parents' separation. He moved in with his mother and sister to a rented house in the Al-Dwallaa neighborhood and had to work tirelessly to make ends meet. Wael started his career in 2016 distributing cosmetics, while his sister, Mirna, worked in a copper engraving workshop, all in pursuit of a modest livelihood.

As the primary provider for his family following his parents' split, Wael has shouldered this responsibility since his youth. With the...

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