Micro-Projects is a livelihood-support program which helps family providers who had either lost their livelihood during the war, or aspire to be a productive and financially independent part of the community by starting their own income generating business. By financing their micro-projects, Christian Hope Center is helping Christian families to have a sustainable source of income, through the provision of equipment, machinery and tools. This will eventually mitigate the economic harm caused by increasing poverty and insecurity, preserve their dignity, and alleviate the calamities of war and the economic crisis, which will ultimately preserve the existence of an active Christian community in Syria. In addition to the Micro-Projects supported in Cities of Aleppo, Homs and Damascus, the program also supports families who rely on agriculture as their principal source of income in rural Homs.







Tailoring Workshop

Haytham's journey in the world of tailoring began in 1988, Aleppo, During the war Haytham faced a great loss when his workshop in Shekh Maksoud was completely destroyed and all of his sewing machines and tools were stolen. He used to work alongside his brother for a short period of time, but circumstances led them to separate and focus on their individual projects. Haytham received his share of the profits, which he had planned for his own project, but instead,...

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Antoine is 28 years old, married and a father of a 1 year old lovely boy, he has served in the military for almost the last ten years of his life which has robbed him of any opportunity to pursue a career and build a future for his family.

with no experience and a very harsh economic situation of the country, Antoine put a lot of thinking of his next step in life, he looked for any job that would help...

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Sewing Machines

Salem Kadah, a 40-year-old tailor, chose to follow in his father's footsteps and become a tailor himself. Before the war, he worked alongside his father. However, after his father passed away in 2003, Salem forged his own path and began working in jeans production, distributing products to high-end brands. Unfortunately, due to the outbreak of war, his business was disrupted, which forced him to look for alternative sources of income.

In 2016-2017, Salem attempted to revive jeans production but faced significant...

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Mardiros a young barber with seven years of experience, he lives with his mother and bears the sole responsibility of being the family's breadwinner. As a talent in his craft, Mardiros was longing for the security and independence that came with owning his own barbershop. However, the lack of supportive environment and economic challenges of the country left him hesitant to take the leap. He meticulously calculated every aspect, and despite numerous attempts, he remained doubtful as it posed a...

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Photography and design

Nancy Samaan, an ambitious young girl from Tartous, graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts and later relocated with her family to Aleppo. Nancy always had a clear vision of her passion for graphic design and poured her heart and soul into her work.

At a young age, in 2018, Nancy started her career as a graphic designer. However, she soon realized that her previous job didn't provide the opportunities she needed to improve her skills and profession. Determined to grow,...

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Elias Zerz, is a skilled electric technician. He learned the tricks of the trade from his father, who unfortunately passed away in 2014. Elias gained over 17 years of valuable experience working alongside his father. Now he works in the shop which his father had established back in 1983, specialized in various electrical services. After the loss of his father, Elias faced many challenges, but with unwavering determination and sheer hard work, he managed to open new doors of opportunity.


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Dental Clinic

Dr. Houmam Khoury, a skilled dentist and surgeon, completed his military service on January 12, 2022. 

Eager to pursue his dream of owning his own clinic, he wasted no time in applying to Hope Center immediately upon hearing news of his discharge.

While Dr. Khoury awaited approval from Hope Center, he continued his practice at a rented clinic. However, the high cost of rent and electricity bills were taking a toll on his income. Being the provider for his family, he knew...

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Silver Crafting Workshop

Born in Aleppo, Raffi started working as a goldsmith in 1994. Everything went well for Raffi before the war. He had rented a shop where he honed his craft. Unfortunately, in 2013 he was forced to close both of his shops. With no other options, he had to sell everything and move abroad. His workshop was located in a dangerous zone in al Midan, due to the war. Eventually, he relocated to the UAE to work there. However, in 2022,...

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Cotton-Wear workshop

Georgete Mousa is a 53-year-old tailor who learned everything about tailoring from her mother and even worked as sewing instructor at the Syrian Development Center, where she empowered women to learn tailoring skills and support their families through work.

Currently, Georgete lives with her husband, who is unable to work due to health issues. After her sewing machine broke, Georgete gave up working, but her sister encouraged her to apply for micro projects that the Hope Center offers. Despite the ongoing...

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Events Decoration

George Shahda is a hardworking craftsman and a father to two adorable children. His work revolves around a unique concept in the domain of event planning and decorations. George used to have a shop in Homs where he began his initial work, but he had to sell his father's workshop to move to Aleppo for university. During the war, he relocated to Lebanon, where he continued working in event planning and decoration.

George strongly believes that with creativity and hard work,...

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Mini Pick-up Truck

George is a father of a beautiful young girl named Cynthia. In 2007, right after completing his military service, his father purchased a pickup truck for him. To support his family, George worked as a delivery driver, relying on the pickup truck as his main source of income. Tragically, during a devastating earthquake, they were forced to evacuate their home and sought refuge for the night at the churches shelter. Cynthia was so frightened that, even to this day, the...

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Optometry Center

Antoine, an optician specialized in eyewear lens making, has garnered extensive experience over the years. He is an incredibly optimistic man, brimming with energy and enthusiasm. His work holds immense significance for him, as he takes great pride in delivering his work with utmost precision, striving to ensure that it is free from any errors. Since 2000, he has been operating his shop, situated in a mid-density area. While the location might not attract a high volume of foot traffic,...

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Floor Grinding and Polishing

Issa has been working in floor grinding and polishing since he was young. He resides in Al-Sabeel with his wife and two daughters. 

Despite his extensive experience, the persistent challenge he faced was the unreliable electricity that hindered his business productivity. The high cost of an electric generator seemed unaffordable with his modest income, leaving him struggling to make ends meet. 

To secure a stable work environment and preserve his profession, Issa turned to the Micro Projects Program for assistance. Through the support, he acquired the needed electric generator, transforming his work conditions. Now, he can carry out his craft without disruption, ensuring a dignified living for his family. 

Olive Land

Firas, a resilient family man from Al-Dwair village, faced displacement with his wife and two children from 2013 to 2018 due to war. With the help of local organizations, they were able to repair their home and return. 

To secure a dignified life, Firas, an employee, and a maintenance technician, works also as a farmer on the family's wheat land with his brothers. Last year, high plowing costs hindered them from planting, jeopardizing the livelihood of Firas's family, his brothers' families,...

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Almond Land

Manhal and Najah, parents of four schoolers, faced hardships due to the aftermath of war. Despite coming from a family of almond farmers, Manhal didn’t have a land until 2022, when they bought a land using some savings and a bank loan, but the high costs deterred them from farming.

To secure a better future, he worked multiple jobs as a security guard and barber. Yet, with a limited population in their village, the income was insufficient. The barren land awaited...

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Fruit Trees Land

Georges, a retired employee and a farmer, faced devastation when war ravaged the country affecting his village, Qattinah. Amidst the chaos, he lost all his agricultural equipment, leaving his land empty. Determined to rebuild, he returned to work, but lacked the means to develop his farm, shared with his three brothers.

Struggling against fluctuating prices and currency exchange rates, he found himself unable to afford vital supplies like plant treatments and fertilizers. His 5 dunum land, adorned with olive and fruit...

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Almond Land

Nizar, a husband and father of four, faced a daunting challenge when a deadly disease struck his almond farm in the village of Al-Aaliyat. As the sole provider for his wife and children, who were diligently pursuing their education, he struggled with the loss of his precious almond trees, the family's primary source of livelihood.

He embarked on the recommended treatment, uprooting the affected trees and cultivating barley in their place for two years. However, when the time came to reestablish...

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Almond Land

Mttanos, a resilient man from Al-Aaliyat village, faced the hardships of displacement to Lebanon after a terrifying incident involving his son's kidnapping. Seeking safety, they stayed until 2018, enduring economic challenges. Despite the adversity, he hung to his dream of cultivating his almond land.

Returning home, financial constraints allowed him to invest in only 1/3 of his precious land. Desperate to utilize the whole space, he sought help from the Micro Projects Program. The support enabled him to purchase the necessary...

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Almond Land

Ryad, the sole provider for his wife and four children in Al-Aaliyat, relies on their almond land for a living. Working as a security guard at a factory, he seeks additional income, as the existing almond and grape harvests fall short of meeting their needs. 

Unable to utilize the entire land, he dreams of maximizing its potential for a better future. Buying almond seedlings becomes a beacon of hope, offering a chance to transform the empty portion of his land into a thriving source of livelihood. 

This investment holds the promise of stability and realization of Ryad's aspiration to provide his family with an improved and dignified life.

Almond Land

Georges, in Al-Aaliyat village, shoulders the responsibility of providing for his wife and three children through his almond land. Unfortunately, 40% of the land was fruitless due to not having the ability to plant it and secure its irrigation. Despite working tirelessly for a modest salary, Georges couldn't afford the essential almond seedlings and irrigation network.

With the Micro Projects Program's support, he received the needed seedlings and irrigation system. This intervention transformed his situation, breathing life into the neglected land. Now, the once barren land blooms with the promise of a better future for Georges and his family. 


Maryam and Michel's journey has been one of resilience and hope. Forced from their home in Homs years ago, they found solace in Fairouza village, where they established a modest life around their mini-market. With two daughters to care for, Jenny and Joury, their small business wasn't just a means of survival, it was their beacon of stability.

Yet, as economic circumstances changed, their shop faced turbulent waters. Inflation affected their profits, leaving shelves empty and their future uncertain. But Maryam...

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Floor Tiling Equipment

Nidal, a dedicated father of three and a loving husband to Manal, has been tirelessly working as a floor tiler since 1993. However, his journey has not been without its challenges. Over the years, his simple tools and a small electric generator began to limit his ability to meet the demands of his job. To make ends meet, he found himself borrowing and renting equipment, which took a toll on his income.

As the sole provider for his family, Nidal's children are still students, relying on him for their education and well-being. Recognizing the need to secure his family's future, he decided to take action. He applied to the Micro Projects Program, hoping to improve his means and provide a stable livelihood for his beloved wife and children.

Vegetables and Wheat Land

In Qattinah village, Ghassan toils tirelessly to provide for his family of five. His wheat, barley, and vegetable farm serve as the sole lifeline for his household, supporting his wife, who battles the aftermath of a stroke, and their three children. 

Juggling his roles as a farmer and an additional job, he faces financial hurdles, especially with the escalating costs of agricultural operations like plowing and spraying.

Having a mini-cultivator and its accessories presents a beacon of hope for Ghassan. With this invaluable equipment, he envisions overcoming the financial challenges, improving the yield from his precious land, and securing a brighter future for his family. 

Sewing Workshop

Fariza, from Qattinah village, has been stitching her dreams since 1995. Married with two children, she toiled tirelessly in her humble workshop. But the outdated machines hindered her business flow and strained her income. 

Renewal was a luxury she couldn't afford through her and her husband's modest earnings, However, the Micro Projects Program was there, supporting her with new tools. 

With the modern machines, her productivity raised anew. Now, she stitches a better future for her family. 


Yaser Al-Jaber, 49, is a caring father and husband who lives along with his wife and kids on the ground floor at his parents' house in Al-Dwallaa, while his elderly parents and his two sisters Suhaila and Rihab reside upstairs.

Yaser had worked for years in elevators' installation, dealing with heavy loads and demanding effort. However, an accident in 2011 changed everything as he fell from the fourth floor and was left with multiple fractures, shattered bones in his left arm,...

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Pick-up Car

Wael Qarra, 33, faced significant challenges since his parents' separation. He moved in with his mother and sister to a rented house in the Al-Dwallaa neighborhood and had to work tirelessly to make ends meet. Wael started his career in 2016 distributing cosmetics, while his sister, Mirna, worked in a copper engraving workshop, all in pursuit of a modest livelihood.

As the primary provider for his family following his parents' split, Wael has shouldered this responsibility since his youth. With the...

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Pick-up Car

At the age of 61, Ibrahim Al-Nassar, found himself at a crossroads in life, as he retired recently due to health issues, and started to face mounting financial pressures especially since his daughter, Talia, required costly medications for her thyroid condition, while his son, Awad, had just graduated from high school.

On the other hand, he was living in a modest house with his elderly father and disabled sister and was also responsible for their living.

With his health condition and age,...

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Pick-up Car

In a narrow alley in Bab Sharqi, lives Elias, a 37-year-old young man, with his retired parents and his wife Linda, who is currently studying human resources to secure future employment and assist her husband. Elias started working at a young age to support his family and faced many challenges in securing the livelihood demands, as he shoulders the responsibility of providing for his own family as well as his in-laws, being their sole provider.

Elias works as a sales representative...

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Nail care Kit

Souzan Bashour is a woman in her forties who carries with her many events that formed a life filled with challenges and struggles. She lives with her mother and brother in a small flat in Al-Dwallaa, her father is deceased while her mother is an old lady. 

Souzan began her professional career as a school teacher, continuing in this field until 2016. She then moved to work at the Faculty of Theology as an administrative employee, but due to the relocation...

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Photography Equipment

The nine years of being in military service in the most severe battle zones didn’t prevent Adel from being optimistic and ambitious seeking to have his own career and be independent

He is 33 and lives with his elderly father and three siblings in an old house in Aldwalla neighborhood. Adel started his work life as a wall painter with his brother to afford his expenses but after the war outbreak, he was called for military service in Daraa facing daily...

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Pick-up Car

Together with his wife, Eisa faced life's adversities head-on, within their humble house in Al-Tabbaleh, holding their strong faith in God's mercy. Their son Elie who was living with them, faced the complexities of life as a recent graduate with a lingering eye condition.

Eisa had dedicated decades of his life as a driver at the Ministry of Agriculture, until his retirement in 2021. However, retirement didn't signify a life of leisure; with financial constraints above his shoulders, he found himself...

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Samer Al-Shammas is married to Mouna Derany, and they have two sons Louay and Maher. Samer's life has always revolved around his family. Despite facing health challenges after retiring from his job in 2013 due to pancreatic issues, he never let adversity deter his spirit. Even when his medication costs became more than he could handle, he decided to sell his cherished home in Jaramana to pay for his treatment and spent the rest on his sons' weddings, proving that...

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Pick-up Car

Fady Qassis 46, started his career as an employee at Bimo Bank until 2015 when his life took a drastic turn as he was called for reserved military service and as a result, he was forced to vacate his rented home and leave his job.

Despite setbacks, Fady insisted on maintaining a decent standard of living for his family so he started working in distributing medicines using any means of transportation available and working long hours daily for this endeavor but...

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Pick-up Car

Khalaf Al-Bshara, 51, is married to Shireen Qabalan and lives in a humble house with his parents in Al-Tabbaleh neighborhood.

Despite being a skilled painter since 2003, life had not been kind to Khalaf.

At the beginning of the crisis, his painting work decreased so he started working on transferring vegetables and fruits between his village in Daraa and Damascus until the security conflicts reached the area and it was no longer safe, but he decided to challenge the situation and keep...

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Blacksmithing Workshop

Samaan Ashkar, a blacksmith whose life tells the tale of resilience against all odds.

From his humble beginnings in Kashkoul, Samaan started working as a blacksmith where he faced numerous challenges, including financial constraints and the loss of his beloved family members, but Samaan's spirit remained unbroken.

In 2003, he decided to relocate to Dubai and try his luck there, he worked in various capacities and experienced both triumphs and tribulations. However, with all the setbacks and financial strains that he went...

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Manufacturing Thermal Ovens

Elias Al-Ghabra is one of the minorities who are still interested in preserving the family profession as he began working in the field of manufacturing convection ovens with his father at a young age in a rental workshop in Jaramana and continued in the filed alongside his study.

The main field of work is manufacturing thermal ovens based on gas after the electric ovens stopped being demanded due to the terrible electricity situation in the country, their work increased and they...

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