Micro-Projects is a livelihood-support program which helps family providers who had either lost their livelihood during the war, or aspire to be a productive and financially independent part of the community by starting their own income generating business. By financing their micro-projects, Christian Hope Center is helping Christian families to have a sustainable source of income, through the provision of equipment, machinery and tools. This will eventually mitigate the economic harm caused by increasing poverty and insecurity, preserve their dignity, and alleviate the calamities of war and the economic crisis, which will ultimately preserve the existence of an active Christian community in Syria. In addition to the Micro-Projects supported in Cities of Aleppo, Homs and Damascus, the program also supports families who rely on agriculture as their principal source of income in rural Homs.







Shoemaking Workshop

Mohammad and Issa refused to surrender to the hardships of life and remain without a stable income. They believed that partnership in work achieves many successes that cannot be achieved individually. After completing their military service of nine years, they opened a simple project to manufacture shoes with very basic equipment.

Mohammad supports a family consisting of his wife and two children, and Issa supports a family consisting of his wife and four children.

They learned the trade when they were 15...

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Optical Lenses Cutting

Rina is married to Bashar, and they live with their son Raeef, who is studying at university. The family has been in the business of trading medical lenses since a very long time.

In 2010, they rented a shop in one of the old areas of Aleppo because of its location near to the business market. However, that area was dangerous throughout the war, yet they did not close because the shop was the family’s only source of income.

Rina has worked...

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Carpentry Workshop

Fadi has been working as a carpenter since 2002. He started with light repairs and initially did not have any tools. Gradually, he acquired tools that allowed him to begin simple work.

Fadi is married and has children. When the war started, due to his great concern for his family's safety amidst the difficult conditions, he decided to move to Mashta al-Helou and work there. He left in 2014 and began working for someone who supported and helped him, where he...

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Ironsmithing Workshop

The confidence in the willpower that a person possesses is the most important feature which Roben has shown in the face of all the circumstances he has faced.

Roben is married and has two children. He has been working in the blacksmithing profession since he was young. He used to work with his father and brother in their shop in the Shaqif area, which was affected by the war, and the family lost their source of income completely.

With his strong faith...

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Computer for 3D Design

 Waseem is a single young man who lives with his family in their rented house. During the war, his father's business suffered great losses. They had a pharmacy that was looted completely.

The circumstances that Waseem's family went through were the driving force for him to enter the work market in order to support them.

Waseem began his career in photography over four years ago. He owned a camera and worked for several companies in the photography department.

Waseem is an ambitious young...

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Engines Wire Winding

Modest living is a characteristic that distinguished Hagop during a visit to his home. Hagop lives alone and supports his parents who live in a house that was damaged by shells and the earthquake.

Since childhood, Hagop has worked as a craftsman in the profession of winding motor dynamos. With advancing age and the desire to increase his income due to the difficult living conditions and the tough economic situation in the country, and given the low salary he earns in...

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Sewing Workshop

Marwa is a strong woman who fights for her loved ones. She has suffered greatly during the war along with her family.

She is married and has three children. Her son is serving in the army, and her husband is also a volunteer soldier.

Marwa is displaced from Idlib city. She has been working in the field of sewing since 2001 in the family workshop in Idlib, but due to the war, the workshop was stolen, and the house she lived in...

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Dropped Ceilings

Work dedication is one of the secrets of loving life because it makes a person feel valued and gives hope that motivates one to rise every day to achieve their goals. From this perspective, Ahmed wants to reopen his project, which he lost during the war. It is the profession he learned from his father.

Ahmed is the head of a family of six. His wife does not work, and he has four children in school, so he is their sole...

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Carpet Weaving

Aline is a married woman with four children. She works with her husband in washing, weaving and selling carpets. She has 20 years of experience in weaving, and her husband has also learned this profession from his ancestors and has been working in it for nearly forty years. Their shop is the family's sole source of income.

In the beginning, with their passion for the profession, they had a shop in the Hullok area. However, they sold it and moved to...

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Goldsmithing Tools

Krikor has been working in the goldsmithing profession since 1985. He practices the profession but works as a craftsman. After the earthquake, the workshop where he worked was damaged, and he was left jobless.

Krikor is responsible for his mother and sister, and he cannot remain without work for a longer period. Therefore, he decided to apply to the Hope center to for a small project and return to his craft.

Goldsmithing requires talent and artistry. Krikor possesses this talent and has...

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Metal Lathing

George's family consists of 5 members, and George is the sole breadwinner for the family. His wife does not work rather she takes care of their three children.

George works in manufacturing industrial machines and equipment for the metal lathing craft, which is essentially the family profession. The work George does is considered the family profession as he used to work in it with his father from a young age and learned it from him. In 2004, he rented a shop...

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Production of Car Upholstery

Zawin is a hardworking person who strive for his family; his wife and two sons.

Zawin has been working in the production and upholstery of cars since 2005 and has added through his experience in the production of Arab Majlis seating. Zawin had to make a lot of sacrifices in his work, 5 years ago the place where he works was exposed to a fire that resulted in the loss of all existing equipment and goods. 

Living a decent life and supporting...

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Growing up amidst the struggles of inflation in his country, Rustom became the hope for his family. As the only son among his parents and two sisters, he felt the weight of responsibility early on in life.

While his father, a retired journalist, and his mother, a retired teacher, relied on their meager pensions, his sisters, university educators, contributed as much possible, but it was clear that it wasn't enough, thus Rustom took matters into his own hands.

From a young age,...

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Hair Salon

Alimar, a diligent young lady from Qattinah village, found herself at a crossroads after graduating from the commercial institute. With limited job prospects, she turned her passion for beauty into a source of income, offering services to clients in their homes. Despite the challenges, she remained steadfast in her dream of owning a beauty salon.

Her journey wasn't without hardships; her father's health setback forced him to leave his hairstyling job, but Alimar inherited his skills and determination. She seized every...

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Nail Care Kit

After her father's passing, Rasha became the pillar of strength for her family, at just 15, she set aside her dreams of education to support her mother and younger brother. For eight years, she toiled tirelessly in a nail polish factory, the weight of responsibility heavy on her shoulders. The wages barely sustained them and the displacement from Homs to Fairouza village only deepened their struggles.

Trusting someone to handle their financial affairs led to devastating consequences. The scam drained their...

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In the heart of Qattinah village, Dima stood like a fragile flower against the harsh winds of fate. Alone, with two children, she dared to dream of a brighter tomorrow.

Her husband's mysterious absence cast a shadow over their house, leaving behind unanswered questions after his travel to Lebanon two years ago.

With the support of her family, she resolved to carve her own path and shoulder the weight of dependence. Yet, she always wanted to have her own project and provide...

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Handmade Candles

Micheline's life took a turn when her husband had to leave for mandatory military service, moving back in with her parents, she felt the weight of their financial struggles. With her economic institute background and previous work at a candle manufacturing workshop, she hoped to contribute to her family's income. However, without proper tools and equipment, her ambitions were hindered. 

Determined to make a difference, she applied to the Micro Projects Program, with the assistance, she could finally set up a...

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Children’s Recreation Center

Manar, armed with a PHD in children's education, embarked on a mission to address a pressing need in her community, a haven where parents could entrust their children for specific durations. In October 2022, she unveiled her micro-project in a modest rented space, with enthusiasm. Despite its compact size, the center offered enriching toys and games, from sand games to mental challenges, catering to every child's interests.

Juggling her role as a mother of two daughters and her husband's absence due...

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Nail Care Kit

Maya, a diligent young woman from Qattinah village, faced challenges in pursuing her passion for nail care. With determination, she juggled her studies in chemistry at Al-Baath University while honing her skills through training courses. Five years ago, she embarked on a journey, initially working from home until the borrowed tools were reclaimed, leaving her jobless. Undeterred, she sought employment at a salon to help in sustaining her family of five.

For two years, she worked tirelessly, accumulating experience. Yet, Maya...

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Shoe and Bag Store

Maryanne, a determined young woman from Fairouza village, took an essential role in her family's well-being. With her father's plumbing income and her mother who is a housewife, their life was modest. 

In November 2022, aided by her sister and father, she opened a shoe and bag store in a rented shop balancing her studies with managing the store was challenging, but Maryanne persisted. However, as economic strains tightened, restocking the shop became hard. 

Hope surged when she received assistance from the...

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Wall Painting & Spraying Equipment

Mowafak, a skilled wall painter with over 24 years of experience from Fairouza village. He's honed his craft between different locations like Homs, Damascus, and Lebanon, gaining a wealth of skills. 

He shoulders the responsibility of being the sole breadwinner for his family, including his wife and three children. He also cares for his ailing mother-in-law, who has been living with them since a stroke left her paralyzed, in addition to his mother.

Recognizing the seasonal nature of house wall painting, he...

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Wall Painting & Spraying Equipment

Following his divorce, Milad lived alone in Fairouza village, in a farm owned by one of his acquaintance who lives in America, and he diligently cared for the property.

Since 1995, he had made a living as a skilled wall painter and sprayer. But misfortune struck when his equipment was stolen from a construction site. With resilience, he decided to rent an electric generator and an air compressor to continue his work. However, this decision meant a significant drain on his...

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Wheat and Potato Land

Izzat is a dedicated farmer from Qattinah village, with a family to support, he refused to let challenges deter him, despite losing land to conflict, he and his wife, Nazeera, persevered as their livelihood depended on it.

Retiring in 2012, he poured his energy into farming, relying on potatoes and wheat to sustain his family. However, the scars of war appeared in the shape of landmines and trenches ruined his fields, demanding costly rehabilitation.

To reclaim what was lost, he sought assistance...

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Vegetables and Wheat Land

Faraj, a dedicated father and hardworking driver, found himself facing immense challenges after the war. With his two sons seeking opportunities abroad and his daughter pursuing her education, he solely shouldered the responsibility of providing for his family.

Hailing from a family of farmers, he relied on his agricultural land for sustenance. However, the theft of his farming equipment, particularly the vital irrigation system, caused a severe damage to his livelihood. With only a portion of his land irrigated, Faraj struggled...

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Barber Shop

Bassam Zaitoun 38, a man of humble beginnings, is married to Sulaf Taweel and has a 4-year-old cute girl called Tatiana who was the source of hope and happiness in their lives despite the challenges they faced.

Bassam was a skilled barber, a craft he had learned in his village where he established his own barbershop and worked tirelessly for 23 years. However, the crisis has weighed heavily on the overall situation especially in Bassam's village as many have moved to...

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Mini Van

Elias's journey was marked by hard work and perseverance as he started from an early age to provide for himself and support his family.  He is married to Wedian Janoura and they live in a modest home in Al-Dwalaa where they had their two sons; Loran born in 2010, and Sairj in 2013.

From his early days, Elias worked as a farmer in his hometown of Hamra village then moved between various jobs such as in an engineering office and later...

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Homemade Meals & Sweets

Cozet Al-Ashhab is 40 years old and married to Louay Alomar, a loving and supportive husband. Her love for confectionery started at an early age, a passion nurtured over the years as her journey began in 2005 when she found her peace and joy in her kitchen creations, and despite hurdles, her resolve remained unyielding.

However, life was not easy for Cozet and through the years of war she had to work and provide for herself and her family so she...

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Sewing Workshop

Margaret is still in her twenties, yet she carries burdens far beyond her years. She grew up in a modest family with poor financial conditions, which forced her to take on responsibilities at a young age; she started working as a saleswoman in a clothing store to cover her expenses and help her parents as much as she could. She later got married and moved to her husband's village, where she worked in a sewing workshop, hoping that her marriage...

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Nail care Kit

With great determination and faith, Odet Ibrahim 34, insisted on continuing her life and moving forward, challenging the failed marriage experience that ended in separation without allowing despair and sadness to creep into her heart. She became responsible for her daughter Joelle and wanted to provide her with the best means of life, so she returned to live in her parent's house trying to secure a safe environment for her daughter.

Odet began her professional life in 2008 when she and...

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Electricity Generator

Abeer, the affectionate wife, and devoted mother, always placed her family first, even before herself, and although her life was filled with challenges and hardships, she never lost hope.

She is 51, married, and was living with her husband in Aleppo where she commenced her professional life as an employee in a private company in 2000, but left her job ten years later to dedicate herself to raising her two sons Marcel and Daniel.

In 2012, her husband's silver workshop was hit...

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Homemade Meals

Samar Haddad, 49, is married with two sons, Amer born in 1995, balanced freelance work with studies at the Trade and Economic University,  and Wadei, born in 1999, juggled employment with his education at Damascus University's media faculty.

Samar started her working life in 2008, as a home-based cook until 2018 when she decided to go further in this career and gained a chef certification in both Eastern and Western cuisines determined to enhance her work.

However, as a result of their...

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Photography Equipment

With a passion for capturing sweet moments and telling stories through his lens, Majd Deeb 34, had always dreamed of turning his love for photography and videography into a full-fledged career. 

He is newly married to Rita Aleid, who is a dedicated doctor specializing in hematology and oncology, and supported Majd's ambitions wholeheartedly.

Majd's journey in the world of visual arts began after graduating from the College of Applied Arts as he started his professional career at Sama TV in 2014, working...

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Solar Power Installations

During the past decade, Attallah had a tumultuous journey marked by displacement, loss, and insecurity. He is 39, married, and has a five-year-old son called Hanna.

As a result of the war in Syria, his life was turned upside down especially since he was living in Al-Zababdani area which witnessed severe conflicts at the beginning of the crisis causing losses and displacement to many of its residents including Attallah whose house was destroyed completely and all his furniture and work equipment...

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