Micro-Projects is a livelihood-support program which helps family providers who had either lost their livelihood during the war, or aspire to be a productive and financially independent part of the community by starting their own income generating business. By financing their micro-projects, Christian Hope Center is helping Christian families to have a sustainable source of income, through the provision of equipment, machinery and tools. This will eventually mitigate the economic harm caused by increasing poverty and insecurity, preserve their dignity, and alleviate the calamities of war and the economic crisis, which will ultimately preserve the existence of an active Christian community in Syria. In addition to the Micro-Projects supported in Cities of Aleppo, Homs and Damascus, the program also supports families who rely on agriculture as their principal source of income in rural Homs.







Nursing Kit

Rizk-Allah Rawik is an ambitious 24-year-old, since he was a little boy, he always dreamt of treating the ill and helping those in need. Thus, when he grew up, he decided to become a nurse, he studied for two years in a healthcare institution, and currently, he works night shifts in a hospital, but still; working for 3 days a week isn’t enough to make him a decent income. 

After the economy of the country collapsed, providing a decent life for...

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Barbershop Equipment

Antranig is a kind and talented barber who has a small salon in the city of Aleppo, he started his career in 2003, and his good reputation in the neighborhood played a huge role in the launch of his career. The war didn’t stop Antranig from doing his job but at the same time working in a dangerous city had many tragic consequences, someone like Antranig could leave his house in the morning without knowing if he would ever be...

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Recording Studio Equipment

During the war in Syria, Antoine and his family faced many life-threatening moments;“One day, me and my family was coming back home, after parking our car, we heard a loud explosion so we immediately ran to safety, after checking that everyone was okay, we were shocked that a shell had hit our car and it was entirely destroyed.” Surviving such a traumatizing event left the family in a terrible state, they also had to evacuate their house and move to...

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Sweets and Pastries

In the early days of the war, Dolly's family was among the first to leave Aleppo. Faced with loss, fear, and danger, they made the bold decision to move to Beirut. Living there for six years was not easy for a family of four. Both Dolly and her husband worked tirelessly to provide for their family. Dolly had the opportunity to work in a bakery in Beirut, where she gained valuable experience. However, when the crisis started, the family had...

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Aluminum Fabrication

Displacement, injury, loss, and fear are some of the hardships which Rami had gone through. After ten years of ceaseless war, which seemed to be a dead end for most Christian families, its effects are still felt to this day. Rami's story is filled with loss and devastation; however, with hope and strong faith, he will ultimately shine through.

One fateful day, while Rami was at work, a terrible accident happened, a missile hit nearby, leaving him with serious injuries. The...

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Photography Gear

From watching YouTube tutorials to becoming a professional photographer, George has come a long way. Since 2012, the talented youngster has had a simple camera in his hand, which he has turned into a career. George self-learned everything he knows. 

Despite the hardships and difficulties along the way, nothing could stop him, even during times when there was no electricity and no internet connection George never stopped learning and discovering the art of photography. His mother has been the number one...

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Nursing Equipment

Mary's ultimate goal in life is to bring comfort to those in pain and assist them on their journey towards healing. Nursing school was her first choice when applying to university, and she was overjoyed when she got accepted. However, the first few years were incredibly challenging for her, with long hours and demanding obstacles to overcome. But as time went on, Mary discovered the true joy of being a nurse.

Driven by her passion, Mary decided to specialize in anesthesia...

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Dental Clinic

For years, Dr.Christian poured his heart and soul into building his own dental clinic. However, the brutality of the Syrian war shattered his dreams when his clinic was vandalized and stolen, leaving Christian heartbroken. He then worked in different clinics, moving from one to the other. The ongoing instability in his life had a negative effect on his career and job performance. Moreover, his struggles were compounded by the illness of his mother, for whom he became the sole caregiver.


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Physiotherapy Equipment

Physiotherapists are unsung heroes, and their impact on society, along with their tireless dedication to healing, has the power to transform lives, and one example is Rana. Since 2001, Rana has been working with patients of all ages, especially children. 

Her passion for psychology has led her to provide emotional support as well, which greatly aids in the healing process. Rana's career has been shaped by her commitment to continuous learning, attending numerous training sessions with specialists. Balancing her work and...

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Electrical Maintenance

From a young age Abdalla had a special talent for fixing electrical equipment, mostly fridges and washing machines. He has been the only breadwinner of his family, working tirelessly to provide for them, even during the most challenging times. Despite enduring the hardships of war and the constant danger of shelling near their home, Abdalla never gave up. His love for his son and daughter has been the driving force behind his determination to make ends meet.

Despite his hard work,...

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Nail Care Kit

"It is indescribable, the feeling of working tirelessly for a low income," Noura's words reflect the harsh reality faced by many young adults in Syria, where they find themselves trapped in dead-end, low-paying jobs. The family of five fought through numerous challenges during the Syrian civil war; loss, devastation, and fear which took a toll on the family. Noura could barely mention her grandfather without crying, as he had left the house during the war and never returned.

Whatever was lost...

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Fuel Injector Maintenance

It has been years since Berg has been on the road, traveling between Raqqa and Aleppo. The constant traveling took a toll on him, with long hours and dangerous roads; as he was the sole breadwinner of the family he had no other choice. Berg longed for stability in Aleppo, However, he knew that relocating would affect his income.  

In order to have a stable income in Aleppo, Berg had a project in mind; he wanted to revive his workshop...

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