Our primary interest is aiding Christians through financing their own micro-projects that would provide them with income to preserve their dignity and alleviate the calamities of the crisis.

The team at Hope Center reviews and evaluates the projects and the extent to which the applicant has planned for his/her idea. If accepted, the center starts providing funds for the project to initiate.

Besides aiding Christians in need, this initiative aims for reviving the city of Aleppo that has lost most of its economic structure.







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Nail Care Kit

A few years ago, some friends asked Reem to help them with their nails designs and that's how she discovered her special talents and gained the needed skills and her family encouraged her to follow her passion. 

At first, she offered her services at minimal prices and worked at home just to acquire experience and create relations with the ladies in her neighborhood. 

She is a married woman and a mother of three beautiful daughters; her husband Firas works as a government...

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Hassan chose to stay in the country where he grew up and lived, while his wife and children traveled abroad seeking a better future.

Hassan is a barber who started his career as a barber back in 1990 and he managed to ensure his wife and their three children a dignified life through it until the cruel war started. He went to Lebanon and worked there for ten years then returned when the deteriorating economic situation affected all aspects of life. 


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"I have lost nine years and a half of my life in the army!" Bassam said, sharing his experience during the cruel war.

He was called for mandatory service back in 2011 and when he was discharged, he found himself responsible for a family of four, since his father passed away while Bassam was absent, and his only brother had an accident that affected his ability to walk, and he is now working in a vegetable shop. 

Today, Bassam lives with his...

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Electronic Devices Maintenance

Johnny is a young man who runs his own workshop of Electronic Devices Maintenance with a great reputation and special skills that enabled him to be a strong competitor among the other craftsmen. 

He studied at the electrical institute for one year, and at the same time, he was learning maintenance, by working for workshops, until he obtained the needed experience, so he bought some equipment and started his project back in 2021. 

He lives with his parents in Fairouza village; his...

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Aluminum Workshop

Malaz and his family used to live in their home village "Al-Damina Al-Sharqiyah" where he had an aluminum workshop that he opened back in 1995 in "Al-Quseir" area, which ensured him and his family a decent living. 

Unfortunately, the cruel war began and all activities of life were shut down; he lost his workshop with all the machinery, and what broke his heart was losing his brother who was killed and Malaz became his elderly parents' only responsible besides his wife and their...

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Floor Tiling & Stone Cladding Equipment

Remon has been working in the field of stone and ceramic cladding since 1991 with great skills that he gained by working in many different areas around Homs. 

His brother had a marble factory and he worked with him in order to get the needed experience; in 2008, Remon had the chance to open his own factory, and the hardworking man managed to ensure a decent living for his wife and their three sons until the vicious war began and changed...

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Floor Tiling Equipment

No matter how tough the circumstances, Fadi who is the sole support for his family, didn’t give up and worked hard to ensure them a decent living. He lives with his wife and their two sons and he also became his mother's only provider after his father's death. 

Fadi's career started in 1997; and having all the required equipment made working between Syria and Lebanon easier and guaranteed him good opportunities. But the war began, everything changed; Fadi's equipment was stolen...

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Floor Grinding and Polishing

Elias used to work in floor grinding and polishing before traveling to Lebanon back in 2012 seeking a better future. 

He worked there in different fields until he managed to save the needed money to buy the essential machine and resume his former work in his country.

Unfortunately, his life was turned upside down when his father got a serious liver disease, which required intensive medical care, so Elias's family moved to Lebanon where his father stayed in the hospital for two...

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Floor Tiling Equipment

Nidal learned this profession from his father and started to work by himself back in 2007 after he had gained all the required skills, which allowed him to work all over the city. 

The vicious war has created a chaotic situation in the country and that, of course, had more negative impacts on people's lives than shells and bombs have ever done; as theft and crime increased, especially at the onset of the war. 

Unfortunately, all of Nidal's equipment was stolen from...

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Syria is still suffering from the negative effects of the vicious war and establishing a stable future has become a real challenge for young people who were the most affected.

Like many at her age, Yara graduated from the faculty of pharmacy back in 2016 and didn’t have the chance to start her own pharmacy; during the same year, she got married to Zahi who works in distribution and now the couple has two lovely boys. 

However, Yara finished her rural services,...

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Floor Tiling Equipment

Jean works as a floor tiler; he is a single man who lives with his two brothers and their mother-in-law. This profession is his only source for a living and he has been working in this field since 1992.

However, when the devastating war began, he lost all of his equipment and spent many years working very hard until he managed to buy new equipment.

Lately, Jean unfortunately, lost his equipment again but this time, compensating was almost impossible due to the...

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Floor Tiling Equipment

With more than 40 years of experience as a floor tiler between Syria and Lebanon, Anwar is still waking up in the morning with the same passion like he has just started practicing this profession. 

He is from Homs, and the sole provider for his wife and son. Using the old equipment affected his work but what really prevented him from working, was not having a sufficient power supply, which is a necessity. 

Anwar had to spend long hours waiting for electricity, or sometimes rent an electric generator that consumed a huge share of his income. 

Renewing the worn-out equipment and providing the hardworking man with an electric generator will guarantee the continuity of his family's only source of livelihood.

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