Micro-Projects is a livelihood-support program which helps family providers who had either lost their livelihood during the war, or aspire to be a productive and financially independent part of the community by starting their own income generating business. By financing their micro-projects, Christian Hope Center is helping Christian families to have a sustainable source of income, through the provision of equipment, machinery and tools. This will eventually mitigate the economic harm caused by increasing poverty and insecurity, preserve their dignity, and alleviate the calamities of war and the economic crisis, which will ultimately preserve the existence of an active Christian community in Syria. In addition to the Micro-Projects supported in Cities of Aleppo, Homs and Damascus, the program also supports families who rely on agriculture as their principal source of income in rural Homs.








Mardiros a young barber with seven years of experience, he lives with his mother and bears the sole responsibility of being the family's breadwinner. As a talent in his craft, Mardiros was longing for the security and independence that came with owning his own barbershop. However, the lack of supportive environment and economic challenges of the country left him hesitant to take the leap. He meticulously calculated every aspect, and despite numerous attempts, he remained doubtful as it posed a...

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Photography and design

Nancy Samaan, an ambitious young girl from Tartous, graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts and later relocated with her family to Aleppo. Nancy always had a clear vision of her passion for graphic design and poured her heart and soul into her work.

At a young age, in 2018, Nancy started her career as a graphic designer. However, she soon realized that her previous job didn't provide the opportunities she needed to improve her skills and profession. Determined to grow,...

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Elias Zerz, is a skilled electric technician. He learned the tricks of the trade from his father, who unfortunately passed away in 2014. Elias gained over 17 years of valuable experience working alongside his father. Now he works in the shop which his father had established back in 1983, specialized in various electrical services. After the loss of his father, Elias faced many challenges, but with unwavering determination and sheer hard work, he managed to open new doors of opportunity.


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Events Decoration

George Shahda is a hardworking craftsman and a father to two adorable children. His work revolves around a unique concept in the domain of event planning and decorations. George used to have a shop in Homs where he began his initial work, but he had to sell his father's workshop to move to Aleppo for university. During the war, he relocated to Lebanon, where he continued working in event planning and decoration.

George strongly believes that with creativity and hard work,...

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Optometry Center

Antoine, an optician specialized in eyewear lens making, has garnered extensive experience over the years. He is an incredibly optimistic man, brimming with energy and enthusiasm. His work holds immense significance for him, as he takes great pride in delivering his work with utmost precision, striving to ensure that it is free from any errors. Since 2000, he has been operating his shop, situated in a mid-density area. While the location might not attract a high volume of foot traffic,...

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Jan lives with his parents in their modest house. The father is an employee working at Al-Kalima Hospital, and the mother is a housewife so he is the only provider of income for the family

Jan’s family has been through a lot in the past 10 years; during the war his father got hit by a shrapnel in his waist and a shell hit their building’s roof but, thankfully their house was only slightly damaged. Then his mother got severely infected by...

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Spraying Wood Furniture

Ebrahim’s life hasn’t been easy at any time, gaining money has always been hard; he had to change his job several times because of the poor economic and living conditions. Ebrahim is the only breadwinner for the family, he lives with his wife, son and daughter in the family’s house.

During the war, the family was displaced for four years to Latakia until the area settled and as a result of the earthquake, their house was damaged and they were evacuated

He started...

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Patricia's dream is to display her paintings in an exhibition

Patricia’s painting journey began as a hobby to fill her leisure time, however it didn’t take her long to be discovered and recognized by her circle and her teachers have always been her supporters.

Patricia lives in a modest house with her mother (a housewife) and her father who is a worker in a printing press in the Sheikh Najjar area with being the only source of the house’s income. Before the...

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Nail Care Kit

Amal lives with her mother and sister. Her father (who is separated from the mother) is not responsible for them.

In 2013, they were displaced from their home more than once because of the war and the high rental prices. Her sister, is currently an employee and her mother is a housewife.

Amal started her career by working for several companies, then she took a nail art course and after that she started working at a Beauty Center for 3 years and...

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Silver Crafting

“Working from young age helped me gain experience and become a successful craftsman” 

Garo is a single man who lives with his parents and his brother who helps him provide for the household.

Garo started working in a goldsmith workshop back when he was only fifteen years old and he liked this profession and decided to continue in it. In 2010 Garo and his brother took over their father’s workshop to increase their income and gain independence, gradually they equipped the workshop...

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Sewing Machines

“Life is full of difficulties, but these difficulties are strengthening me” that’s what Majda said, when she summarized her life.

Majda is 58, she lives alone. She has been working in the field of sewing in so many professional workshops from young age and her journey have started from being a worker for several years all the way to opening her own business. Due to her health condition (knee joint problems) she needs is flexible working schedule.

Her earnings were slightly decreased after...

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Car Tuning Equipment

Sarkis lives with his wife and his mother; his wife is an employee at a school but soon she will take maternity leave because she is pregnant, his mother is a caregiver for an elderly woman.

Sarkis’s profession is car tuning, he started as a worker back when he was in his early twenties in the Bustan Al-Basha area and stayed in the area until it became unsafe and he had to find another job in a safer region, after a long...

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Hair Salon

Issa, a single man, faced the harsh realities of war, enduring nine years of mandatory military service that began in 2010. The war, starting in 2011, claimed not only his time but also his father's life. 

Despite the setbacks, his love for hairstyling, since 2005, remained unwavering. Post-discharge in 2019, financial constraints forced him to work for others. However, with his passion and support from the Micro Projects Program, his dream became a reality. 

The program enabled him to establish his own hair salon, overcoming the adversities and losses he experienced. Now, Issa is turning his passion into a successful micro-project and rebuilding his life after the tough years of the cruel war. 

Mini Pick-up Truck

Fadi, a dedicated husband and father of two boys, had faced financial struggles for years. After completing his 8-year mandatory military service in 2018, he worked tirelessly, between two jobs to make ends meet. His roles as a factory worker in the solar power industry and a government employee barely provided enough to cover their basic needs, even with his wife's teaching salary.

Determined to improve their situation, he had a brilliant idea; he realized that having a mini pick-up truck...

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After graduating from the tourism institute in 2012, Iyad had to put his dreams on hold to fulfill his military mandatory service, enduring nine tough years until 2021. Discharged and pushed into the harsh realities of life, he faced the challenges of providing for his family.

With a wife to support and his mother relying on him since his father's passing, he found himself working tirelessly in a sweets shop, laboring 12-hour shifts just to make ends meet. But hope emerged...

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Floor Tiling Equipment

Adib's life has been a series of challenges and responsibilities, he lives with his mother and sister-in-law while his younger brother serves his mandatory military service. As the oldest son, he carries the weight of his family's livelihood on his shoulders. Their financial struggles became even more daunting when his father, who had been battling heart and kidney problems for years, passed away.

Adib has been working as a floor tiler since 2010, but his life took a difficult turn when...

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In 2015, Malak, his wife Norma, and their three children, Peter, Barbra, and Fadi, were forced by the war to leave their beloved Al-Qameshli and settle in Norma's hometown of Fairouza due to displacement. Life was tough, but Malak, as the sole provider, worked tirelessly to make ends meet.

To support his family, Malak took on a job operating a mini-winch, sharing the profits with a partner. For more than eight years, he honed his skills and gained valuable experience in...

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Beauty and Nail Care Kit

Sanaa, a determined young lady, made a selfless choice to support her family. Living with her unemployed father, who suffered from hemiplegia, and her hardworking mother, a seamstress, along with her brother, life was far from easy. In 2019, she enrolled in a makeup training course, embarking on a path that would change her life.

With her newfound skills, she began working at a local salon, offering a range of beauty services, from makeup artistry to nail care. Her dream was...

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Floor Tiling Equipment

Mourshed, a floor tiler from Homs, took his share of war calamities with his wife Nahed and their daughter Cynthia; displaced for five long years, they returned to find their home in ruins. 

With unwavering determination, he restored their house by himself. In 2014, seeking better opportunities, he traveled to Lebanon but faced adversity with the worsening situation. In 2017, he chose to return to his family. Realizing his dreams seemed distant until he applied to the Micro Projects Program. 

With the vital equipment and an electric generator, Mourshed is now  empowered to work faster and more efficient, starting a new chapter of hope and recovery with his beloved family.

Car Calibration Workshop

Toni, originally from Aleppo, honed his car calibration skills from a young age, working alongside his father in their workshop. His expertise deepened during his military service in 2014, where he served as a driver, practicing the craft in the industry area of Damascus. His service extended to nine years due to the ongoing war. After completing his duty, he returned to Aleppo, resuming his profession until a devastating earthquake struck, leaving his house in ruins.

Miraculously surviving with his wife...

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Dental Clinic

Living with his parents and sister, Majd's family endured displacement and the theft of their home during the war in Homs. Despite the hardships, he pursued his dream of opening a dental clinic in Fairouza village.

His mother's battle with Neuropathy, which began eight years ago after an extended ICU stay, added to the family's struggles. His father, a university professor, did his best to support the family, but financial constraints prevented them from aiding him in launching his own clinic...

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Shadi dutifully served his mandatory military service from 2012 to 2021, a period that took away nine precious years of his life. But the scars ran deeper than time. In 2013, during his service, he fell victim to an armed group's kidnapping, causing a terrifying year of captivity. To secure his release, his family borrowed money, a debt they were still repaying today. The day he was freed from captivity felt like a rebirth, and his heart was full with...

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Souvenirs and Printing Shop

Akram, a resilient young man, found himself displaced from his home in Bab Al-Sebaa due to the brutal war. Alongside his parents, they navigated through several neighborhoods in Homs before finally settling in Al-Hamidia, renting a new home. In 2019, Akram ventured into the world of printing, advertising, and promotion, learning essential skills from YouTube and honing them through practical experience.

By 2022, he relocated his project to a vibrant neighborhood near the university, expanding its services to include college requirements,...

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In 2008, Thanaa's world was shattered when her beloved husband surrendered to cancer after a two-year battle. Yet, this was only the beginning of her struggle. When the war started in her hometown of Homs, her family faced great suffering. Their home in Bustan Al-Diwan neighborhood was not only stolen but also burned. The heartache intensified as her son was martyred, and it took two and a half months for his body to be returned to the family. All this...

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Stationary Shop

Josephine Al-Helal is a divorced woman in her thirties, she has an adorable daughter called Natalia and they live with her parents and siblings in Jaramana.

In many cases, divorce can be a tragedy, but Josephine didn’t accept letting her daughter go through any hard times or be deprived of anything because of her divorce. In contrast, she tried her best to provide her with love and care and endured living in a small house with her parents surround her daughter...

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Nails Care Kit

Maria Essa, 36, has always been a self-made woman who worked at an early age to achieve her independence, and even after she got married, she kept working and supporting her husband in the face of difficult conditions.

Maria is married to Jalal Hlaleh who works as a taxi driver and they have two sons, Fadi born in 2012, and Samer born in 2014.  She started working in the nail care field in 2008 and moved between several beauty salons looking...

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Plastic Supplies Shop

Samer Thabet is 50 years old, married, and has two daughters Janet and Mariette. Samer and his family were living in stable conditions because he had a successful career. He worked in distributing medical products and equipment for fourteen years and established a good knowledge of customers and traders which secured a proper living for his family.

However, during the first years of the crisis, medical factories started to close one after another, and people traveled abroad in addition to the...

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Laser Machine

Youssef had always been a hard-working man. He learned the value of perseverance from a young age when he had to help his mother take care of his younger siblings. Despite the challenges, Youssef had always dreamed of giving his family a comfortable life.

Youssef landed a job in Lebanon, meanwhile, he studied engineering, He worked tirelessly for eight years to make ends meet and support his family back in Damascus. 

However, things took a turn for the worse in 2019 when...

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Pick-up truck

Suffering is an inseparable companion of war, especially for those who were injured and became incapacitated and unable to practice their life normally like in the case of Ebrahim Aldawod. After turning 18, Ebrahim was called for military service and stayed until  2011 when the war took place so he was kept as a reserve soldier for the next four years. however, in 2015 Ebrahim was exposed to a car accident during his service and was hurt badly which caused...

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Dental Clinic

Karina Issa graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry full of ambition, dreaming to become a successful dentist and have her own clinic. 

She did her training period with a doctor in Safita village where she also performed for rural service. Then in 2017, she got married to Kinan Dagher and moved to live with him in Dwalaa area in Damascus and they had their lovely daughter Anita. 

During that period Karina volunteered at St. Joseph dispensary and served the community and the...

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Pick-up Truck

For most of his life, Abd Al-Ahad struggled against difficult circumstances and the lack of job opportunities in the country especially since he was working as a government employee for a modest salary and wasn't able to find an additional job during the years of war as it was challenging for anyone to find a good income source. 

Abd Al-Ahad had no choice but to stay in his job as a private driver at the Directorate of Livestock in the industrial...

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Plumbing Workshop

Rimon Eid is 31 years old, married to Joelle Smara, and has a newborn daughter named Stephanie

Rimon began his professional career at an early age when he learned the plumbing career and started working in partnership with his cousin. He quickly became a professional in this career and had his own customers.

Like any ambitious young man in his prime, Rimon was seeking to improve his financial situation and increase his income, so in 2009 he traveled to Lebanon in search...

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“After all the hardships I had been through, I was about to lose hope, but now I feel like life finally smiled at me”

This is how Tony Al-Ahmar expressed his feelings after being supported with the taxi project.

Tony Al-Ahmar is 35 years old, married to Jina Abboud and they have an adorable baby called Rudolf. Before the crisis, Tony worked as a catering officer in various restaurants and he was doing his best to save money and build up a...

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Fady Darweesh is 28 years old, newly married to Salwa and they live in a rented flat in Kashkoul. He was raised in a modest family and had to start working at an early age to handle his own expenses and help with the house demands. He was 18 when he started to work as a house painter, spending most of the day from one workshop to another trying his best to afford the livelihood costs.

In 2014, Fady was called...

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Hairdressing Salon

Caroline is a 27 single woman who lives with her parents and her brother Fady in Kashkoul, Damascus suburb, she was raised in a united family and learned that all the family members should work to support each other through the good and the bad.

Caroline‘s father worked in tiling for most of the day and her brother Fady started working as a hairdresser but they both couldn’t afford the house demands so Caroline had to work as a secretary in...

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In the blink of an eye, Rashid turned from a dreamer teenager into a man burdened with worries and responsibilities. Rashid was the only brother to four sisters and was living happily with his family in good financial condition and many spaces were open in his way.

All of that vanished at the age of sixteen when his father got sick and needed long intensive treatment that forced them to sell the house, and the car and spend all the savings...

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