Our primary interest is aiding Christians through financing their own micro-projects that would provide them with income to preserve their dignity and alleviate the calamities of the crisis.

The team at Hope Center reviews and evaluates the projects and the extent to which the applicant has planned for his/her idea. If accepted, the center starts providing funds for the project to initiate.

Besides aiding Christians in need, this initiative aims for reviving the city of Aleppo that has lost most of its economic structure.






Family is the most valuable thing for Bassam, his wife and their 8 years old daughter Anna-Theresa, the family suffered from displacement during the war when their house was destroyed and for more than four years they were homeless, moving in-an-out of rentals, to finally settle in one of their relatives’ houses until their own house was rehabilitated with the help of the Latin church.

Workwise, Bassam volunteered in many social communal initiatives with the Syrian society for social development (in 2012),...

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Blacksmithing workshop

Like any traditional family, George and his wife had always helped each other to provide a decent life for their two daughters; Karni and Arkina. George is a blacksmith and his wife is a kindergarten teacher. The war resulted in the loss of the family's source of income, George left his family here in Aleppo and went to Lebanon to be able to send money to his family, who were still living the fear and horror from all the attacks...

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Electrical kit

the year 2015 was a turning point for Gerges, when their house was completely destroyed by a shell, the family of four became homeless and devastated. Despite all the excruciating circumstances which the family went through to survive, the young Gerges came out of this distress stronger and more determined to build a good and stable future for him and for his family. 

Dropping out of school maybe wasn’t Gerges’ ideal decision but the young man did what seemed to be...

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Elian's life goals and orientation were completely different. His work in hair transplant got him moving to Damascus in 2005 to establish his own center there. Building his career took most of his time, but in addition to his main job, he worked in various fields of work such as food oil distribution and invested in frozen meat, as well as owning a taxi for several years. 

But what any businessman and investor fears turned into a nightmare for Elian when...

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Lathing Machine

The war was harsh and spared no one from its devastating ramifications, people lost their homes and workshops, one of those people is Hagop Derboghosian whose life changed completely.

Hagop is the father of two children, "Anna Maria and Ohanes". He has worked on a lathing machine in his father’s workshop since 1988, and gained good experience in this career.

Later, his father started suffering from elderly diseases, which forced Hagop to become the only provider for both families. When the war...

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Bedros is a 51-years-old father of two who lives with his family and his father-in-law. His career has been changed a lot in the last decade. His start was is a chimney factory which was destroyed at the start of the war, leaving Bedros and many others unemployed. 

This sudden loss of income forced Bedros to work in any job he could lay his hands on, he worked at a local diner for about five years, putting up with the modest...

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Cars Maintenance

Kevork, a young man who lives with his family of five members, including his grandmother and his father who works as a worker on a lathing machine. 

Unfortunately, during the crisis in Aleppo, when their house was badly destroyed by a shell, they traveled to Latakia for five years, until the situation became safer in Aleppo, they returned to live in a rented house. Kevork worked in car brakes' maintenance for 9 years, he started this career in 2013, as a...

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Laser Cutting Machine

This is the story of two sisters; Rita and Milia who started their journey together, simultaneously with the beginning of the war.

Escaping the shelling in 2012, the sisters took refuge to a sibling house in Lebanon. But settling in a new county meant that the young girls had to find a source of income. They started working in a factory without knowing that their first task in the job will become their future life career. It was a very important...

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Sweets and Pastries

Anna’s journey in the sweets industry started in 2017 - Venezuela, but how she got there is a whole other story. 

Anna had just had her second daughter Gabriella when the war started in Syria, she had some of her extended family living in Venezuela for many years, they were concerned about her and her little girls’ safety, so they convinced Anna to come and live with them until the war ends. 

Although moving to the other part of the world was...

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Pickup truck

George used to work in AL-Ramousseh as a heavy-vehicles mechanic, and despite the fact that working in this field is very profitable but it also can be physically demanding. His long years of practice made raised some health issues (hernia surgery, disc condition) and George had to make an early retirement. luckily, his seven sons were all grown and capable of running a business on their own, he bought a pick-up truck to just to help the family business with...

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Electrical equipment

The war changed many people's lives and affected their work greatly. Some lost their jobs, their shops, or were forced to change their careers just to be able to survive through the difficult economic conditions.

Droubi Al-Awad is the father of three lovely children and the only provider for his family. He is an electrical technician who specializes in home electricity. He made many clients due to the good reputation he has in his career that he started back in 2011....

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Car Inspection Device

Growing up in a household where business and family were one, Hagop and his two brothers Yervant and Toros learned a lot from their dad. The three men started working from a very young age with their father in his car mechanic workshop, and grew to choose their own paths later when they gained enough experience. Before the war, business was thriving and the three brothers were working independently; each one of them had his own workshop. But the destruction...

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Sewing Machines

Wafaa is a skilled seamstress, she is a married woman and a mother of two; Peter (14 years old) and Helen (13 years old). Her story with this profession began 20 years ago when she started working at home, and over time, what was only a job turned into a passion in her life. 

She used the same machines for 13 years until they became completely worn out, and during the economic crisis, purchasing new machinery was very hard, but thankfully,...

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Hair Salon

Since he was young, Zaki loved working in the field of beauty and hairstyling and worked in many salons around Homs until he became skilled enough, he lives with his retired parents in a rented apartment in Al-Hamidia where he started his first steps in this career.

At the age of eighteen, he had a job opportunity in one of the famous salons in Lebanon, which was a very useful experience, and he learned a lot from it. In 2009, Zaki...

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Dental Clinic

Manal is an ambitious young lady, graduated recently as a dentist from the university of Homs, her father who is the only provider for the family is a retired employee and his pension is barely enough for the family’s daily needs. All these circumstances encouraged her brothers to travel abroad seeking better job opportunities in order to help their father, her family’s limited financial resources were a huge obstacle, which prevented her from starting her life project. Manal had always...

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Carpentry Accessories Shop

Bassem is a retired engineer; he lives with his wife Josephine who used to work as a teacher, their son Yamen and their daughter Sarah and they are both university students. This family returned home after years of displacement and decided to start a new chapter, their house was damaged but they repaired it together and settled down in the city of Homs. 

During the post-war period, the severe inflation affected all aspects of life, and a family of four was...

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Cosmetics and Accessories Shop

After working in the UAE for 13 years as a salesman, Wassim had to go back home after the devastating news of his brother death, to stay with his parents and his sister Hanan who works in a cotton clothes shop to help in providing for the family.

Since he returned home, Wassim worked as an employee with a modest salary and that was not enough to secure a well living during the severe inflation. He aspired to utilize his previous...

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When the economic crisis started to get harder, the income Ghada’s husband used to provide from his business as a wall painter became barely enough to cover their essential needs especially that they live in a rented apartment, all these circumstances encouraged her to open a mini-market and support her family. 

Ghada who is a mother of two started her own project in 2020 with simple capabilities; her beginning was very good as her mini-market was the only one in the...

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In 2017, Issam was no longer able to continue in his main profession as a floor tiler due to his health condition. With some money he had, he rented a simple shop and opened a mini-market near his house. He took advantage of being in a well populated neighborhood surrounded by schools, which made his shop known in the area. Issam is the only provider for his family of six; his wife, his three daughters and son in addition to...

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Mini Pick-up Truck

Johnny is a married man and a father of three beautiful daughters; Nathalie (8 years old), Tala (4 years old) and Joy (3 years old), he lives with his family in a rented apartment and he is the sole provider for them. 

Before the war, Johnny used to work in his father’s spices shop, which was later severely damaged and closed in 2012. Unfortunately, he lost his only source of livelihood and had to work in many different professions to support...

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Mobile Phone Accessories Shop

Being the eldest son, Faek became the only responsible for the family after the death of his father. He lives with his mother Wafaa who is a retired teacher, and his younger brother Fadi who newly graduated from the faculty of law and started looking for a job opportunity. 

Faek used to work in a mobile phone accessories shop for four years, when his father passed away; he decided to open his own shop where he could support his family by...

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Plumbing Equipment

Shehadeh works as a plumber since 1978, he is the sole breadwinner for his wife and three sons. The family’s only house in Al-Hamidia was damaged in the war and they were displaced to Al-Arman neighborhood where they stayed in a rented apartment. 

During the post-war period, his business was affected by the frequent power outages, which stopped him from working for long hours and decreased his income, also the old equipment he has been using for years had a huge...

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Flower Shop

Faddaa is the sole responsible and support for her family, she is a married woman and a mother of two; a girl (Miranda 13 years old) and a boy (Emile 6 years old). 

Her start in the field of flower arranging was in her village Sadad (near Homs) back in 2000, she gained great experience in this profession and it became her passion in life. When she got married, she moved with her husband Ramez to the city of Homs where...

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Car Calibration Workshop

Although they tried so hard to stay and survive in their home city, Arotin’s family was forced by the armed groups to leave their life and memories behind, after long suffering in Al-Raqqa city. When they fled to the city of Homs, Arotin spent all his savings to help his children to travel for the sake of their safety. 

Arotin has been working as a car calibration technician for 45 years, after displacement, he moved with his wife to a rented...

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