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Family to Family
Armenian Orthodox

The relief committee of the Armenian orthodox diocese was initially formed with the start of the Syrian crisis in 2012, from the early beginning they were there to support their parish through all the difficulties that people had to face, from bombshell attacks and the losses those attacks caused, to the financial hardships caused by the prolonged war. They worked on many levels; civil defense, rehabilitation projects, relief projects such as food baskets and cash aids.Their collaboration with Caritas Poland began in 2017, when they started carrying out distributions of cash aids to the most in need.Harout Hayrabedian (Head of the relief committee in the Armenian Orthodox diocese in Aleppo) talks about the reality of the people who remained, and the benefit of the family to family program: “most of the beneficiaries are either elderly people that have additional Medicare costs comparing to their limited income, or families who lost their businesses or workshops and were left without any source of income” From this standpoint the importance of the program appears. “our sincere thanks to Caritas Poland for supporting the families through this initiative during these challenging economic situations, until they are able to restore their jobs back and be able to spin the wheel of economy again and start making some financial recovery".However, the Family to Family is not the only collaboration of the Armenian church with Caritas Poland, there’s also the school rehabilitation project which was so important for the extremely damaged school part to be ready there for the younger generations. 

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