Family-to-Family program is an initiative started in 2016, implemented by Caritas Poland, the project objective is to provide financial support for families from Aleppo on a monthly basis, depending on the Polish families’ donation. The project is implemented in cooperation with 11 local partners " 8 churches, 3 organizations”, who participate in choosing the most eligible families, and by carry out the cash aid’s distributions every month for the families. Since 2016, the program served the majority of the Christian families who decided to remain in Aleppo, in addition to a small percentage of families from different religious backgrounds, during the project’s life cycle, the number of beneficiary families reached 9000. At the beginning of 2018, Hope Center started to take part in the Family-to-Family program, by monitoring and evaluating the process.

throughout 2021




Hope Center in collaboration with Partners of Family to Family program presented a Thanks letter to the delegation of Caritas Poland, who visited Aleppo for the first time in 2018. In This letter the participants gathered to express the appreciation and thankfulness the Syrian beneficiary families feel towards Caritas Poland and the polish families who donate generously to the Family to Family program without any expectations.