Earthquake Response

Food Baskets Distribution

March 2023

In the wake of the devastating earthquake that hit Aleppo, the most vulnerable families faced even greater emerging challenges. Over twelve years of conflict had already made them vulnerable to crises and natural disasters, and this earthquake made their living conditions even worse. Sadly, the earthquake had a negative impact on food security and the humanitarian conditions deteriorated even further.

Quick action was needed to address the food security issue. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of five donors, the food baskets benefitted 3673 Christian families from the most vulnerable communities in Aleppo and over 6414 indirect beneficiaries. The food basket ingredients were designed to sustain a large family of four members for over a month, with a long shelf life, requiring minimum cooking and being nutritious.  

We are grateful to have been able to help these families during such a difficult time and alleviate the profound impact of the earthquake on their lives, thanks to Missio, Manos Unidas, Caritas Poland, and Missio Redeptoris. It's truly heartwarming to see people come together for a meaningful cause that can make a difference in the lives of those who need it the most.

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