Earthquake Response

Water Filter Distribution

Water with Blessings

March 2023

Syria, being a water-scarce country with only an average of 675 m3 of water available per capita, has been grappling with water issues even before the recent earthquake. The ongoing war and heavy shelling have further weakened the water infrastructure, exacerbating the situation. In Aleppo, the lack of a stable power supply made water networks incapable of providing adequate water supply. In rural areas, people have to rely on alternative and often unsafe water sources, which poses severe risks to public health. Moreover, the groundwater in the region is also compromised, with elevated levels of total dissolved solids, nitrates, and salinity.

The aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Aleppo has amplified the challenges faced by the residents, particularly in obtaining clean water. This, coupled with the growing economic crisis, has further worsened conditions for vulnerable groups, including individuals with kidney health issues. These individuals are burdened with the cost of purchasing expensive purified water bottles, which drains their limited income.

In response to the dire circumstances, international communities and charitable organizations have offered aid, with WWB being one of them. In collaboration with RJM Jesus and Mary in Syria, with CHC implementing the distribution. Water with Blessings provided user-friendly Sawyer Point One water filters as part of earthquake relief, a total of 430 water filters were distributed in two phases, with a focus on meeting the urgent needs of vulnerable segments of society, individuals with kidney problems and families with children under the age of 3.

These filters aim to alleviate the financial burden of acquiring safe drinking water and remove various contaminants that can be harmful. The distributions took place over a span of 3 weeks, starting from May and ending in June.

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