After more than eight years of conflict, new challenges face the next generation and although it is extremely important to carry on relief programs to support people, but it is not enough for building a future and breaking the cycle of reliance on humanitarian assistance.
While working with youth has always been a focal point for us with two main and widely spread projects like the study zone and (DISC) in addition to similar projects, we also support traders, artisans and craftsmen, that may have lost their workshops and careers due to war, to revive their businesses which in return would help in the economic recovery of our community.

Livelihood support program (Micro Projects)

Funded by: Caritas Poland, L'Œuvre d'Orient, Kurk in actie, SALT

Implementing resilience and enhancing the self-reliance of Syrian families by offering micro loans and grants to boost the financial recovery process of the local community.

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Employment skills training program (DISC)

Funded by: L'Œuvre d'Orient, Manos unidas

An institution to develop the skills of newly graduate youth and make them qualified to embark the labor market.

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Educational support program (School to School)

Funded by: Caritas Poland

A program dedicated to supporting existing educational facilities to ensure that children access their right of quality education, it’s an investment in the future of our city.

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A study space for academic excellence (Study Zone)

Funded by: L'Œuvre d'Orient

A library and a well-equipped study spaces for quiet studies as well as group work areas, specialized for students and postgraduates.

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Child friendly space to learn and grow (Homework Room)

Funded by: St. Nicholas Foundation

Child friendly environment, where we focus on the growth and well-being of the children regarding the educational and psychological aspects.

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