"Thank you for being a part of others' success."

"Thank you for being a part of others' success." Is the conclusion of the closing visit that ends the monitoring and evaluation process of a project. 

After two years of launching the Micro Projects Program in Homs, it was time for some projects to continue the journey and finish the chapter they started with the Hope Center. 

Over time, the partnership between Hope Center and beneficiaries gets stronger forming a bond. But, as the project aims to create resilience and promote financial independence for families, our journey with the supported families come to an end when they are capable of moving forward and open a new chapter filled with Hope. The responsibility we saw in people's eyes when many of them offered their help and support to others in need during the closing visits, shows that there will always be hope for our country to recover, with the strong will of its good people. 

Fadi Salloum was one of the beneficiaries who shared this journey with the center and was a partner in this chain of success and life.

Fadi and his family had their own way to say farewell and with a very kind gesture, he came with his wife Yara and their lovely son George and visited us at the center, spread smiles all over the place, and emphasized their belonging to our big family!