Young Christian Leaders Conference: Together Today … For a better Future

Months of preparation, local meetings, and combined work led to the conference held by the youth themselves to actively participate in building the future of the Christianity in Syria.

On the 26th of October, 85 young men and women headed to the conference palace in Damascus to participate in the first Gathering of Syrian Christian Youth Leaders. The opening ceremony began with the blessings of their Eminence Patriarch of Antioch and all the east, followed by the blessings of the Apostolic nuncio to Syria and the Head of the Latin church in Syria. 
Over the course of five days the young participants from all Syrian regions were united to identify life challenges they face under the dire economic and social situation in Syria, accompanying these youth were members of the clergy that facilitated the conversation between all the different groups, and the Hope center team that coordinated every step of this experience.

On the second day, and in the presence of the holy spirit, the youth enjoyed solitary time during the pilgrimage to Maalula, where each individual had the opportunity to find their true Christian faith and hope in their lives, this phase prepared the leaders to further express their needs, aspiration, and come up with suggested solutions for the issues in their areas, which will pave the road for a better relationship with the church and improve the living conditions of the Christian community.

The presence of the representatives of active organizations in Syria, in the conference moved the hope in the spirits of the participants, which made them feel heard and supported to know that Christians from other countries care for their future, and the impact of the conference mirrored in the positive feedback from all participants and the booklet which the Hope center produced after the gathering, as these results will mark the first milestone in the journey of true assessment for the needs of the 21st century’s youth, and help them unite together, today for a better future.