Study zone: International Student's day

The 17th of November marks a memorable day that many Universities around the world celebrate every year. Throughout centuries, this day commemorated annually to remember the students who died in World War II, but today this day sheds the light on many important issues like the importance of education, and it is often considered an opportunity to honor international students, who leave their home and family and travel to seek education.

There are several ways to celebrate this day, volunteering and giving back to community is one of the options that, as a part of the world student’s community, Study zone centers in Mouzeina village and in Homs city opted for. 

In Mouziena village, the team and 22 of students joined the local “Nour Al-Wadi Center” which supports children with disabilities to bring joy to the hearts of 27 children through fun activities and games. The students also spent time with children watching movies and presenting dances and plays.

Meanwhile, in Homs city, the mission was for 32 Study zone volunteers to team up with “Saiyar” team to support the homeless, out of school children. This day was fully dedicated to support these children and it was an opportunity for the volunteers to open up and share their experiences with the children and motivate them to get back to school and raise awareness on the importance of education.