Christian Organizations Initiatives

We continue to support ecclesial projects financed by:

Caritas Poland

Saint Nicholas

AL-Kalima Playground

Opening day: 23 December

It raind bombs and bloomed joy, Childhood memories comes back once again to fill this place with happiness and hope.

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Rooftop Playground

By Saint Afram Church (Syriac-Orthodox), On 7 October 2018

Our dreams reach all the way to the sky, who said you can't play bascketball with a view!

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Unfortunate Hour Play

By Saint Virgin Fraternity, On 22 March 2018

A highlight of mother's role in guiding their children to overcome the difficulties of life.

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Rally of Thought

By Jesuits scout, From 19 To 22 April 2018

The minds race, the excitement rises, and everyone wins at the end.

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The Big Gather

By Salesians of Don Bosco, On 11 May 2018

How to live your christian life to the fullest, following the steps of Saint Dominic Savio.

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The Great Debaters

By Holy Cross Scout, From 9 To 11 May 2018

When we learn to listen to the other side, we grow up to become a great person.

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Summer Club and Library

By Saint Ephrem Scout - Syriac Catholic Church, On 15 June 2018

Your summer doesn't have to go to waste with the summer club we learn and have fun at the same time.

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Brown Sea Challenge

By Champagnat Freres Scout, From 8 To 10 June 2018

For the first time in Syria our youth try bubble ball; let's the game begin!

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Preschool Summer Club

By St. Elie Preschool, On 4 June 2018

Our children are the future's blossoming flowers we should water them with love and knowledge.

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Kids' Talent

By Christian group of saint Ephraim, From 11 to 31 June 2018

Every talent is a gift from God and it's our mission to look after it.

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By Saint Georges Scout (Syriac Orthodox Church), From 15 to 17 June 2018

Forget about everything and come join the fun!

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Chess Club

By Yarmouk Scout, On 10 July 2018

A game of wit, strategy and intelligence.

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Amusement Park

By Franciscan Fathers, On 10 Jul 2018 and will continue

Because aur children deserve to play safely and happily.

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Love is the Answer Play

By E.H.I.S (House of Auditory Habilitation and Training), On 29 June 2018

Say Goodbye to last year and Welcome to the new one with a big smile.

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Clothes Distribution

From 23 to 27 July 2018, By JRS & Orthodox Sunday Schools

Because no soul deserves to suffer as long as there's a window of hope.

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Scout Olympics

20-21/10/2018 by Saint Afram Scout

Challenge yourself in a game of physical and musical competence, and of course a pleasurable time.

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Basketball tournament

from 29th of Jul to 12th of August 2018

with a modest dream, and a real competitive spirit let us raise our voices and cheer: "I Love This Game!".

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